Saturday, January 11, 2014

Newsletters Open Plan to Debate

This week we are launching our first newsletter in our online store. "World Peace" newsletter will officially open the debate on the World Peace Plan, starting with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. It will coordinate with the Track Our Progress planning.

While it is being introduced now to the general public, it has been already sent to the ambassadors in Washington, DC, and has had a major impact on the acceptance of the plan. Each issue includes a list of member nations of our affiliate members, which has helped us to leverage the plan amongst the ambassadors and then to the world leaders. Ambassadors function in a close-knit community in Washington, DC, and what better subject to talk about at parties than the World Peace Plan?

Each issue will contain a proposal, a survey and some commentary. New subscriptions start at the beginning of the series, and carry readers from the crisis to the point of resolution.

Purchase subscriptions through our online peace peace store.