Thursday, April 3, 2014

Your Excellency: The World Peace Plan addresses Hostile Takeovers

Your Excellency,

In recent emails I opened to debate the initial issue that must be addressed in the creation of the proposed international government, and that is the crisis that led to the collapse of the old structure, and the need to find a new one. The World Peace Plan must overcome that crisis, which is the hostile takeover of Iraq. 

Please see the attached letter. 

Yours for peace,  

Karen Holmes,

(text of the letter)

To the diplomatic community in Washington, DC

Your Excellency,

It takes time to resolve the issues concerning a genocide, just as it takes time for the events to evolve. The first step in creating a genocide occurs long before the end. The crisis “came to its conclusion” when President Bush came together with Prime Minister Blair, and they joined to find a solution to their need for oil and equated it with their history with Saddam Hussein as an ally.Once that occurred, the solution to invade Iraq was a foregone conclusion.

Imagine that when Saddam Hussein stood in protest that the sanctions had killed 500,000 Iraqi children, their response was that they are good men. It was a sense of judgment, of “black andwhite,” and no gray areas. Once the judgment of creating a list of Axis of Evil dictators was made—it was an arbitrary line as to who was considered evil—what occurred then was to find a plan that enabled them to instate democracy, doing something good for the people of Iraq.

The whole crisis would have come into the light by looking at the rights people have. People have the right to live in peace, without interference. To choose their own leaders. To be part of the planet and to utilize its resources, equal to all others. When governments abrogate those rights, it is oppressive to the people, and this was the judgment against Saddam Hussein.

Genocides start with the simple act of intolerance, which leads to the loss of rights. People who are oppressed lack equality. People who are victimized in a genocide lack liberty to live their life without interference. The main problem with denying another their equality and liberty is that there is, under Universal Law, the backlash that you lose your own equality and liberty—your rights.

The future international court system will stand on the principles of the cooperation of nature,which expresses Universal Law, the rights granted to every person on the planet but abrogated to them by oppressive governments. It is time for the world leaders to address this issue, of whether hostile takeovers are worth the time and effort, whether on the giving end or the receiving. 

Yours for peace,Karen Holmes,

copy: Senator Ron Wyden (D. Oregon), Congressman Peter DeFazio (D. Oregon)