Saturday, July 18, 2015

Letter to Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon: The Department of the Oceans

This is in regards to the drilling in the Arctic Oceans, a solution that benefits everyone.

In the past, I spoke to you about the proposed international government. Because the oceans affect every person on the planet, one of its departments will be the Department of the Oceans, which will work to keep them pristine.

The oceans must remain sovereign, not only because they affect every part of our lives, but because the Earth functions as a living entity, and to unset the balance past a certain point, can wipe all life off the planet.

The issue of drilling in the Arctic Ocean includes the issue of who owns the oceans, and the land grab for mineral rights seems simple and logical to many people, but not only is the search for oil going on, there is new technology out now that can strip seawater of all its minerals.

The ocean functions like a battery, with electrolytes, and by removing all the electrolytes from a battery makes it non-functional.

My organization has an upcoming project, an Ocean Symposium that draws together experts on the oceans from all over the planet to debate sovereignty issues and technology review for the invention that removes minerals from the oceans. We will host the symposium in Brookings.

We hope you will support the symposium, and work with Senator Wyden and Congressman DeFazio to keep the oceans sovereign.