Friday, October 9, 2015

Dear Congressman DeFazio: The solution to our next crisis.

This is a time of severe crisis for the United States and the entire planet. This is a time when mankind can devolve into a global conflict or work together to bring world peace. The opportunity to function on a higher level exists, but that involves people stepping away from the conflict and doing what is in everyone's best interest.

The preemptive strike on Iraq devolved as a genocide, and genocides are based on weaving an illusion. Issues, such as Syria, are not what they seem. There is an optical illusion effect, a flip flop, and it is hard to see which is which. I would like to explain to you how to overcome the illusion that is being woven.

At a past town hall meeting in Brookings, I asked you to comment on the possibility of China calling in its markers and taking Alaska and the Bakken field in North Dakota. Your response was that Congress knows that is possible, and it is even worse because China manufactures necessary parts for our weapons systems.

The crisis is even worse than that now because the United States cannot rely on any nation at this time to be an ally. George W. Bush created a coalition of the willing, but the flip flop concept of that is to undermine the coalition nations.  With sleeper cells in every nation, including the 90 nations that receive foreign aid from the United States, those sleeper cells are not inactive, but actively implanting the sense of illusion within the ranks of the existing governments and creating a schism, a hostile takeover bid on the government and the planet.

This is occurring as part of the takeover of the planet, but also as a normal progression of relationships that don't have the same goal, and the natural progression is being manipulated and controlled. An example of the natural schism is with this presidential election, between the parties and within the parties. The schism occurs when one stands on the principles and the other on the power games.

Rather than to fight ISIS, for example, and risk the rise of the sleeper cells and toppling the governments, the solution is to stand on the principles of equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity, and tolerance. Together, these principles make the United States unbeatable. We don't have to fight ISIS. We can stand on the principles.  These are the principles that our Founding Fathers stood on in the Constitution. They guaranteed to everyone our inalienable rights, which is what people who have been involved in a genocide lack.

Yours for peace,
Karen Holmes,