Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dear President Bush: (message continued)

(This is a continuation of a message that I sent through your website form for scheduling requests.)

The events associated with Oxford and Stonehenge help to stop the fighting, but ending the conflict requires both sides to be seen as equal.

The next step involves mediation, to be hosted by Saudi Arabia. Both sides will be able to present aruments. My organization will handle the mediation, and during the week-long event, we will all work to set up the first local court in another nation to handle a court case between President Bush and Saddam Hussein's lieutenant, just as if the dispute had gone to court during the era of the proposed international government.

Both sides will have one year to prepare their cases, and during that time period, my organization will work with the nation to set up the court system.

The final step will be for President Bush and the Iraqi lieutenant to come to the conference of world leaders in Europe as advocates of the proposed international government's court system to help set up the Judicial Branch of the international government.

My organization will do our best to treat all participants as fairly and equitably as possible.
The events at Oxford will address unification, and those at Stonehenge will address conflict resolution. We will offer innovative insights that will allow the entire planet to evolve. Our Exit Strategy for Iraq is a US economic stimulus plan that plugs the drain on the US economy to the Middle East.

I have contact President Obama and Ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott on this proposal, and opened it for debate. I recommend you speak with President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry about this plan, and if everyone agrees that it is in your best interests, to then contact me and my organization.

The executive summary of the proposal can be found at http://www.oneworldgov.org.

Karen Holmes
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government
For updates on the plan for the international government, please go to www.worldpeaceplan.info