Saturday, October 15, 2016

Creating Prosperity

Donald Trump portrays the image of prosperity, which is something that many people admire. People put him on the proverbial pedestal, but the problem is that when you put someone on a pedestal, you oftentimes deny your own capacity. The first principle of the global renaissance is that each of us must function from within our own capacity.

The backbone of every economy is small businesses. Rather than to try to convince Donald Trump admirers to assume responsibility for their own prosperity and to start a small business, we are starting to focus on creating a sense of prosperity  for every person on the planet--a global renaissance-- by helping people to understand what their capacity is, and what resources each has to rely upon.

This is more difficult that you can imagine. Many people start small businesses. During difficult times, more patents are registered than at any other time because people fall back on their own talents and gifts, and that is what we are hoping to inspire. But, it goes far beyond that, because we are not just creating small businesses, we are addressing overcoming our own natures, which include fears, insecurities and misunderstandings that lead to conflict. We are encouraging people to find a niche based on talents and gifts and many people do not know what their talents and gifts are.

Our organization will work to enable nations to create niches, also, but based on natural resources, and then turn responsibility over to the departments of the international government.They will make trade agreements between the nations.

If you put someone on a pedestal. the real problems start when you judge others because you compare them to your hero. That intolerance leads to genocides--which happen on every level, including within the family as marriages are torn apart. No one functions on a higher level if there is conflict. Creating a sense of prosperity for everyone is what helps to end the conflict, because conflicts generally start when someone makes a choice and it affects another person's security and support.

How do you convince someone who places another of a pedestal how to find those qualities inside of himself or herself? We will do this by demonstration, and after a little while, people will catch on to the idea and then the global economy will soar to a very high level.

Our first year's proposals focus on the crises eight nations are facing, and all fell into crises because of a sense of judgment, starting with the Exit Strategy for Iraq, which looks at where true power comes from. People get into trouble by equating ideas, and if you equate money and power, if you lose your money you lose your power. Each subsequent proposal looks at one concept that must be addressed to create a sense of prosperity in your own life or nation.

We are helping each nation to find a niche, based on a hidden resource that makes that nation unique--and great. For England, it is unification and conflict resolution. If you ask 100 people what makes England great, how many people would say unification and conflict resolution?

Our proposals allow each nation to create a sense of prosperity by creating a niche concept based on that hidden resource. Then, the principles of the cooperation of nature allows us to multiply our resources by creating win-win agreements.