Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Basis for the International Legal System

Several years ago, I sent letters to the eight ambassadors to receive proposals and asked them to open ideas to debate amongst the diplomatic community. 

If a nation is in crisis, it is because that nation has been backed into a proverbial corner, and is in the dilemma of circular thinking.

Mankind always has three choices, to go up, down or straight ahead. Up is to stand on the principles. Straight ahead is to ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations. Down is to rely on the power games, and face the backlashes to the games. The games of waging war or fomenting terrorism don't work because they go against Universal Law, and so there is always a backlash to the games.

If you are in the corner, only two options are obvious, and both are untenable. You can either continue to be squeezed or you can come out over the oppressor and fight. Either way you lose.

All it takes is the wider perspective to see that you are 180 degrees from where you think you are, and that all you must do is to turn around. People must be ready to listen to the advice, because logically, when you turn around, there is nothing there but the corner. The corner is not logical. You cannot convince someone that what they are doing doesn't make sense. It goes against everything you believe--a lifetime of experiences-- but, when someone offers the plan that benefits everyone, and leaves no one out of the solution, in the corner there is a small door, and all you must do is to walk through the door.

This is where mankind is now. Backed into the corner.

The idea for the international government has gone out to draw in people from 85 nations, but even in 2003, when mankind was first backed into the corner because of the preemptive strike on Iraq, the solution was there--the door appeared in the corner-- but only a few people realized it was there. The people know oppression when we see it.

When the plan for the international government was introduced, it triggered fears in those who rely on the old structure for their security and support. The old structure based on the power games was collapsing, but if they could just shore it all up, they could make it to safety, and so they resisted the plan by playing power games, but, true power comes from undoing the damage you have done, and so they were losing power while those who saw the potential of the plan to solve the problems were rising in power.

For conflict resolution, the first requirement is that everyone must be considered equal. The victims must be rising in power, not by waging war against the oppressor because that just starts a feud, but more like a genocide watch, where those with the wider perspective debate about how to solve the problems and they function on a higher level than those who are grabbing for power. There can be no judgment, because everyone plays the games, and the games are bad, not the people.

The lesson mankind is learning is that the power games don't work. There is always a backlash to the games because they go against Universal Law. Therefore, the basis for the international legal system will be Universal Law.

What set the stage for world peace is that over half the population of the planet prayed for peace, and so it can come. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect--the Golden Rule, or "do unto others as you would have them do to you"-- was disseminated to every person on the planet, but it has taken time for people to come to understand that there is always a backlash to the games. If you break the Law, you face the backlashes, but you can also use it as a tool. To get peace, you must give peace. To keep your inalienable rights, you must guarantee them to every person on the planet.

The problem has been, for example, that the dictionary definition of a genocide is ethnic cleansing, and so people don't recognize a genocide as it is devolving. As the global genocide is devolving, world leaders stand by helplessly and watch.

The first step was to open debate on the plan to see how people react, and then to realize the plan for the international government is the solution. Then, to understand what causes the existing structure to collapse.

In the United States, disputes are resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies wasted on war go to support the people instead. But, during a genocide, which is based on weaving an illusion, the legal system fails. How can you have a fair trial when no one knows who to trust? 

Think of the trial and execution of Saddam Hussein.

One of the basic premises of the U.S. legal system is that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. That is because you cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives. It is up to our federal government to defend its citizens from character defamation because the Constitution guarantees our inalienable rights to be able to live our life without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in our government.

The issue of no WMD found means that Saddam Hussein was attempting to comply with UN sanctions, and therefore was innocent of the charges against him. He did not receive a fair trial. His execution was not justified. Is it accepted Iraqi protocol for him to be dragged to a place of execution by people wearing black hoods? How could he defend himself from prejudice and ulterior motives?

There is no international structure at this time with the capacity to end the global genocide that is devolving. Mankind has three choices now, and the third choice is the plan for the international government. The door is there, but mankind must turn around and walk through the door.

Mankind will be addresses the glitches for a long time. This is how the legal system of the international government will evolve.  Imagine, millions of people fly on airplanes every day, and if an airplane crashes because of some glitch, inspectors examine the black box and remains of the plane in an attempt to find out what caused the crash to insure that the glitch is resolved to prevent it from causing any more crashes. Aviation evolves.

At the same time, as the plan goes through the planning stages and steps, after the glitches are resolved, the next stage is to address security issues, because glitches can be causes by human intent to grab for power.

The plan for the international government is progressing as people begin to understand how genocides devolve and how you cannot get the life you want by playing power games. You cannot get the life you want by breaking Universal Law.

Step by step, with each proposal, we are addressing the glitches in the system, and if we ignore the crisis, we pass it on to future generations, and if we go down into the power games, there will be backlashes to the games. People who have been dragged into that crisis will continue to address the issues and stay in the process while the rest of us move on--once the lesson has been learned.