Saturday, March 18, 2017

Making the plan a reality by solving the problems

Every plan has a rationale, a reason for it to be created. Someone, from his or her own sets of experiences, sees the proverbial dark cloud on the horizon and based on those experiences, comes up with a plan that is based on the root cause of the crisis. The dark cloud exists because the existing structure is not standing on the root cause of the crisis, and the crisis devolves because the plan starts to demonstrate that it can't solve the problem.

More and more people try to attack the existing structure to make changes, but those who rely on it for their security and support resist the efforts.

Mankind always has three choices, but in a dilemma, the third choice is not apparent, and the other two are untenable. The third choice is to do what is in everyone's best interest, which solves the problem so mankind can move forward in our progress. The other two options are to ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations, and it will take seven generations to solve the problem, or to go down into the power games to protect the existing structure so that those who depend on it can continue to put their own interests before the common good. There is always a backlash to the games.

This same scenario plays out over and over again. Everyone has a lifetime of experiences and can apply the wisdom gained by living that life to solve a problem that is facing mankind.

The idea for the plan for the international government has continued to spread, but everyone must see the need for it to come, and what that means is that those who rely on the power games must be coming down in power while those who assume responsibility for undoing the damage are rising in power, and they meet at the midpoint. It is the definition of where true power comes from. Many people think power comes from having money, and so you can wave your money like a magic wand and make anything happen. Many people think power comes from forcing an agenda, like Might is Right, but that is a power game that comes from the belief that you have the right to put others down, and there is always a backlash to the games.

The powerful elite depend on the existing structure for their security and support, and people who look up to them with respect do so because they deny their own capacity. While this demonstrates that the existing structure cannot solve the problems we are facing as a planet, those of us who function based on our own experiences will create plans that solve the problems by addressing the root cause of the crisis, and rising in power while the powerful elite lose theirs, and those who don't function based on their own capacity ignore the problems and pass them on to future generations.

The root cause of the overview of all crises is the power games people play to compensate for lack of power. There are seven power games that people play, and government generally play only five of the games. Revenge combines five power games, and they lead to war, genocides, massacres, slavery and terrorism. The games are known as the Seven Deadly Sins because people die when the games are played.

It is said of Jesus of Nazareth and the disciples that they knew how to overcome death, and this is how they did it. They understood how the power games work and why they don't work. They lived in a time when the Roman soldiers carried swords, and has the legal right to kill anyone who stood up to their power base. Yet, the Romans came down in power while Jesus was rising in power.

Each of the seven major religions teaches one segment of the body of knowledge that is necessary to understand to create the life you want, but each also plays a favorite power game. Jesus taught through the Beatitudes that the "meek shall inherit the world," and "blessed are the peacemakers." The peacemakers are doing what is in everyone's best interest while those who rely on power games of revenge are going against Universal Law and facing the backlashes. Moses demonstrated how to walk away from the oppressors.

Our plan is so powerful that it has the capacity to unify the seven major religions of the world, because the one thing that every person on the planet wants is to be able to create the life each wants, but no one knows how to do it. It takes all seven religions working together rather than one forcing an agenda.

As you work to do what is in everyone's best interest, you are on course through the rationale, solving the problems, but not yet "going viral." It takes someone to stand up and declare support for the plan, and that kicks the idea into mainstream awareness. If no one stands up, the idea continues forward, and eventually the energy is dissipated. Moses taught how to bring together people to help you create a project. He could not free the Hebrews by himself.

The plan for the international government requires people to stand up and assume responsibility for their own projects. Only two people on the planet are responsible for world peace, but it seems so huge that how can one person have any effect? But, the dark cloud has become so huge that many people are looking for solutions to many crises. As the threat of war expands across the planet, we must understand what got us into wars in the first place. We must know where we are, where we are going and how to get there.

Any structure that does not stand on the root cause of the crisis will eventually collapse, but it will do so under its own weight, and someone will stand up and offer solutions based on their own capacity.

Our organization has been given the root cause of over 20 major crises, and we demonstrate the potential of the plan to enable everyone to assume responsibility for ending the crises.

For example, President Trump is working to "repeal and replace" Obamacare, but neither plan addresses the root cause of the problem of what causes people to become sick. Our root cause cards offers the root cause of cancer, and anyone who wants to create a project that puts an end to cancer is welcome to do so.

We are offering project ideas for fifty innovative inventions, and our independent members will assume responsibility for the project ideas and demonstrate the principles of the projects, and then the technology will spin off for anyone to use to create their own dreams.

Our first steps involve overcoming the effects of the power games. As people walk away from the battles, they need a way to get back on track to their goals. Everyone must assume responsibility to undo the damage that has been done, and that is to address our first two government proposals.