Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ever Expanding Circles

When the Grand Lie was told to justify the preemptive strike on Iraq, ripple after ripple of effects went out to draw in every person on the planet in some way. To overcome the effects of the ripples, we are creating ever-expanding circles that bring the ripples back to the point of peace. 

Our first government proposal overcomes the effects of wars by establishing the principle of equality in the world. It leads to the creation of an international court system that treats every nation and every individual fairly and equally. You may protest that the international court  system already exists as part of the United Nations, but one of the flaws of the UN Charter is that it does not treat all nations fairly and equally. Nations that are oppressed by this lack of equality are more likely to turn to this proposed international government as their opportunity to function on a higher level now than to fight for reforming the United Nations. 

At first, there will always be this sense of battle between the Light and the Darkness as those who rely on the power games attempt to force their own agenda. Anything that does not treat all people and all nations fairly and equally will eventually fail as it reaches its ultimate conclusion, but all the games do not end at the same time. With acts of revenge, wars, massacres and terrorism ends, and the proverbial pendulum swings back to the midpoint, but the two power games that are based on weaving an illusion continue to swing the pendulum out. This leads to people losing their rights--their Liberty. 

Now we are starting to see glimpses of the need for the next proposal as wars devolve into genocides. As people are oppressed, the next step is for people to lose their rights, but also that idea of the ultimate conclusion of the grabs for power become evident. The power games continue on until an innocent person is crucified, and then the power games stop working, but the fears continue to grow because people rely on the power games for their security and support. 

The preemptive strike on Iraq triggered the ripples of effects, and it devolved as a global genocide. Genocides are based on weaving an illusion, and therefore the Darkness has continued to spread across the planet. To counter the Darkness, the Light has to emerge and overcome the Darkness, but not in the form of a battle, because you will start a feud. The plan for world peace has been introduced and opened to debate, and people in 85 nations support the plan, including Muslim nations. To judge Muslims in some way so that you can take away their rights makes no sense. The grabs for power become more ludicrous all the time. 

This is what is occurring now on a global scale. The Darkness is attempting to force an agenda, but the opportunities are ending for them to terrorize others because their actions are reaching their ultimate conclusion, and rather than to be overcome by fear, people are turning away from the battles and walking away from the conflict with the understanding that world peace is now possible and it makes more sense to go toward the Light than to fight the Darkness, and so the Light continues to grow.

The contingency for our Exit Strategy for Iraq is that Americans work together to amend our Constitution that enables us to undo the damage we have done by relying on failed foreign policy. By denying the Iraqi people their inalienable rights granted to them by the Creator of us all, we broke Universal Law, and therefore, we jeopardized our inalienable rights. Now, to get them back again, we must guarantee them to every person on the planet.

The first proposal is all about equality, and the second is all about liberty. They work together to build the foundation for the international government. The ever-expanding circles start with one person introducing an idea, opening it to debate, and then working to draw in all the people on the planet in every expanding circles through the Flower of Life principles. That draws in the next block of the foundation, and allows the previous blocks to expand vertically. The process starts with the plan for world peace, and will eventually reach the point where even those who function entirely for their own interests will do the same thing, but they will share their talents and gifts, like an artist selling paintings on the internet. 

Mankind is evolving to the higher level on a global scale. Everything functions in cycles, but between 2008 and 2012, all the cycles lined up--even a billion year cycle--and because change only occurs easily at the beginning and the end of a cycle, this has been a time of great changes--and great fears for those whom change does not come easily. This same idea will play out over and over again, that everything will come up for review and either left behind or will evolve to the higher level. 

Stonehenge was left behind as the site of conflict resolution, but it evolved over a period of three thousand years, and now it is about to evolve to the higher level. It functioned extremely well to end wars, but they didn't know how to end genocides. Over that time, the ripples of countless previous genocides continued to spread out, and mankind has felt their effects, leaving tears in the energy fabric of the planet and a sense of helplessness and hopelessness in the peoples long after the conflicts were forgotten. Now it is time for mankind to focus on that lesson and to be healed.