Friday, October 13, 2017

Why is Trump working to undermine Obama's legacy?

This morning, CNN is running an article by Chris Cillizza, called "The Real Reason Trump is so Dead Set on Crushing Obamacare." He says about Trump, "The best way to distinguish yourself in Republican politics during Obama's time in office was to position yourself against, literally, everything about Obama--up to and including his legitimacy to be president due to fact-free claims about where he was born." 

Donald Trump, for all intents and purposes, is waging war on Barack Obama.  This is not politics as usual. There is a schism within the United States. Trump's purposes remain to be seen.

Does this make the United States vulnerable to outside interference. Yes, but this same thing is going on all over the world. It started with the preemptive strike on Iraq, which created a schism, and ripples of effects have gone out to draw in every person on the planet. This time period is known as Armageddon, which means "the silly things people do." This is like a bad marriage that is ending in a hostile divorce. One person stands on the principles, and it affects the security and support of another, and so that person goes down into the power games. It starts a series of battles, known as the Battles of Armageddon.

Saddam Hussein stood on the principles--starting with the Gulf War, which could have ended as a war, but when George W. Bush got into office, it set the stage for the Iraq War--and George W. Bush went down into the power games of revenge--and the conflict devolved as a genocide. Bush drew in the Coalition countries, and that drew in those who declare themselves allies in the war on terror, but function for their own interests, and that drew in the terrorists. Ripples of effects have gone out. Within the United States, there has been a flip-flop effect, with George W Bush going through the one cycle of the games, and then Obama didn't stop the games because the Republicans were too strong to stand up to and we progressed through another cycle of the games, and now Trump is going through the same games, but this time even more extreme. 

To stop this conflict, someone must stand up to defend Saddam Hussein, and that is this organization. I am responsible for this first government proposal because I am parallel to Saddam Hussein, and my  family is parallel to Iraq. We have experienced the same crisis in our family--a hostile takeover in the form of character defamation. As we take our government proposals and apply them in our own lives, we can speak from personal experience to advise Iraq. 

We have a plan that benefits everyone--the plan for the international government.  The idea for the international government has gone out, and people in 85 nations support the plan. Before mankind will come together to create the plan, we are all addressing the battle over the plan. Is it a hostile takeover or people trying to prevent it so they can force through their own agenda? 

The two proven concepts that this plan is based on are in the public domain. No one owns the US Constitution, and no one owns the cooperation of nature. If you take these ideas and place them into every nation, after 100 years, there would be 200 different interpretations of the plan. Our plan has fifty innovative projects, and they are all based on everyone sharing their talents and gifts, and no one can do another's project. So, as people stand up and defend their own projects, which enables each of us to fulfill our purpose in life, those who try to declare themselves capable to do our projects better than us just demonstrate the opposite. 

Imagine Donald Trump, for example, saying it is his plan. He has proven his intent already. He is not standing on the principles of this plan. 

The hostile takeover of my organization failed. It backed the perpetrators of the plot into the corner, and the same thing occurred with the hostile takeover of Iraq. No one got control of Iraq's oil reserves, and Trump acknowledged that when he announced his intent to the CIA to go back into Iraq to steal their oil. The One World government will make fair and equitable trade agreements, with each nation finding a niche based on natural resources, and disputes between nations will be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead. 

Mankind has three choices. We can evolve, we can pass the crises on to future generations, or we can devolve. 

The two party system within the United States is ending. This last election had many voters saying, "Never Hillary, Never Trump" The Russians interfered with our election, but the solution is for any citizen of the United States--who fits the requirements of the Constitution--to run for president, and it won't require any money. Candidates will start on the local level, then progress through the state, and regional levels, and finally to the national level. There wll be two presidents running, back to back, and this is something that the Johnson/Weld ticket demonstrated. The winners will have to demonstrate how to come up with viable plans that benefit everyone--but not with the intent to supersede Congress. It will be to stand on the principles to do what is in everyone's best interest. This is where Trump is--and the other world leaders who are jockeying for power to see who will be the next superpower are--functioning for their own interests.