Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Global Crises Require a Global Solution

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This was posted this morning on our Facebook page in response to China's plan to address the space junk crisis. The space above the Earth is becoming increasingly cluttered with debris, which is becoming a hazard to space travel. China's plan is to build a giant laser in space to shoot down the debris, but some people are concerned that it can be used as a weapon.

The Earth is surrounded by space junk, a threat to mankind's attempts to travel to the moon and beyond. How is the best way to solve this problem, so as this article says, one nation doesn't have the capacity to turn its weapons against the rest of the world, and therefore rule the entire planet? It is in no one's best interest for one nation to have complete control over the rest of the world. When there is a crisis, the solution must benefit everyone. There is no resistance to the plan when everyone is involved with the discussion, and is allowed to have a voice.

There has been talk in the US media recently about increased sightings of aliens. Could this plan be the reason? If China builds a giant laser to rid the world of space junk, could it have an impact on the aliens who are watching us? Or, are they watching us because mankind is moving toward world peace under the plan for the international government and soon we may qualify for participation in the galactic federation?

In "A Manual for Peace," which will come out soon, and is associated with our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, Seth tells us there are 80 species of aliens on the planet, and mankind must integrate our alien parts of self. How is the best way to do that?

For one nation to have first official contact could seem to be a great advantage. It could also become another global crisis. When the white people moved west into the territory of the Native Americans, which is made up of many tribes, the ones who were more willing to work with the whites became technologically advanced when supplied with guns.

 How can mankind avoid the games of one-upmanship that allowed the white people to take over the land that would one day become the United States?

To understand the future, we must go deeper into the past than the early 1800s. The Earth has been visited by aliens many times in the past. During the time period of Atlantis, aliens provided mankind with technology based on crystals that allowed the Atlanteans to  power flying machines. There was a peaceful civilization, Lemuria, on the opposite side of the planet, and when a group of technology-oriented Atlanteans decided to focus the laser through the planet to attack the Lemurians, they tore apart the planet.

Our organization recommends that before we integrate our alien parts of self, we first work toward unifying the entire planet. We recommend technology review, and that even if some new invention is innovative and would seem to be in everyone's best interest, that it must pass cultural review and not be launched until everyone is in agreement for it to come. It must be able to overcome all the objections that arise.

The plan for the international government has been opened to debate, and some people are objecting to the point where they are willing to tear apart the plan. Can they offer a plan that will function on a higher level? Our plan is based on two proven concepts.