Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Economic Foundation for the International Government

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The international government will be based on two proven concepts--the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature. The United States is a land of diverse cultures and religions, and our Constitution has kept us in a state of peace for over 200 years, except for the Civil War of the 1860s. The principles of the cooperation of nature have enabled a sense of abundance for every part for billions of years.

Basing a global economy on the principles of the cooperation of nature makes sense, but more to farmers, who see a sense of abundance in nature when one seed can become a billion seeds in just a few generations, than to the global industrialists and politicians, who are used to power games of one-upmanship, and may see nature as being the survival of the fittest. How do you explain to someone who is climbing the ladder of success that a flat hierarchy achieves greater results?

Nature functions based on Universal Law. An Italian mathematician, Fibonacci, discovered the principles of the cooperation of nature. He was considered to be "the most talented Western mathematician of the Middle Ages," but, as I said, farmers and hunters and gatherers were living their lives based on these principles since the dawn of civilization. They knew that if you killed all the game animals, the next year, they would starve. There is Cause and there is Effect. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, according to Sir Isaac Newton.   

Coming from a sense of lack leads to a sense of loss. Grabbing for power with games of one-upmanship leads to a loss of power. If you are a farmer, and you weren't able to grow enough to feed your family, you might be tempted to eat all your grain, but where would you find the seeds for the next year's crops? This sense of lack led to ways to save for the future because the sense of abundance leads to abundance. It also led to power games of one-upmanship.

At one of our first prayer circles, Archangel Michael told us that God, the Creator of us all, offers us the 100% of everything we need on a Silver Platter, and how much we take is up to us. Of course, we all thought it would be silly not to accept the full 100%, but then we had to learn how to accept it. He said the first step is to look around and see what we already have in abundance in our life. In our hearts, we have a blueprint for our ideal life, and we are unconsciously drawing toward us what we need, including experiences and relationships.

Nations will find a niche based on natural resources, and for the United States, what sets us apart from other nations is our Constitution. It guarantees to every American our unalienable rights, and that drew people who were looking for greater opportunity from all over the world.

Military might doesn't bring a sense of abundance. Traumatic events create rifts in the region, and within people. Rifts are tears in the energy fabric of the planet, and whatever energy you pour into the region, or the person, until the rift is healed, all efforts will be lost. Rifts last long after the original event that caused the rift has been forgotten.

Our first proposal is our Exit Strategy for Iraq. It plugs the drain on the US economy. We are healing the rift that was formed as the result of the preemptive strike on Iraq.

Healing the effects of the wars and genocides is our first step in building a global economy that leads to a global renaissance. When people have been torn apart by conflicts, they don't see any sense of abundance. When third world nations have vast amounts of resources, they become banks for the industrialized nations, and the resources become a curse to the people. The people throw them away, which leads to covert and overt actions that take away the freedoms of the people. But, there is always a backlash to the games. What you do to others will be done to you. This is not a punishment, but the logical conclusions of coming from a sense of lack.

To create a sense of abundance, you must allow everyone to have a sense of abundance. You don't create a vertical hierarchy and place yourself at the top. You create a flat hierarchy and allow everyone to prosper, and if it is based on one's talents and gifts, you leave no one out of the framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, and you work with nature rather than to fight it. The first principle of the global renaissance is that everyone must function from within his or her capacity. We rely on our talents and gifts given to us by the Creator of us all, which we have in abundance. Our talents and gifts are easy to share, and in fact, it benefits us to share them. We can get back 10 times.... 100 times.... 1000 times what we give. This is what Fibonacci discovered about nature--but what the farmers knew all along.