Saturday, July 21, 2018

One Down, Two to Go?

On the world stage, it appears the United States is losing our place as the superpower. Russia and China are growing stronger, and the question is which will prevail.  The United States is still a major player, with a strong economy and military, but failed policies have weakened our place in the world, and Donald Trump has weakened our position further. China is an economic powerhouse, but is in constant search of natural resources, and Russia is adept at undermining the sovereignty of other nations and taking control of industries through its network of oligarchs. Will it be China or Russia?

The truth is, the power games reached their ultimate conclusion when George W. Bush and Tony Blair preemptively invaded Iraq. They collapsed the U.S. power base because the games continue on until an innocent person is crucified (sacrificed), and the fact is, there were no WMD.

Power grabs always lead to a loss of power, and now the proverbial pendulum has swung to its ultimate conclusion so the backlash is immediate.

Every nation is sovereign, and has the right to its own culture and religion. All the nations are equal. When one nation is more important than another, that leads to wars, and wars are oppressive to the people. Why should anyone agree to make China or Russia, or the United States, more important than other nations?

The crises occur on every level, so imagine a small town with 200 hundred families. One family may own the major business, but how can that business function alone? Everyone plays a part. Each has a niche that enables others to function on a higher level. No one can be left out.

Leave out the United States, China and Russia, and there are still 197 or so nations, including the tiny nation of Montenegro, which came into the news lately in regards to NATO. Each has its place in the world.

At that is where we start  to create the international government. The United States is a melting pot of cultures and religions, and can be considered the overview nation, but it is still equal to all other nations. Our organization will work to expose the failed foreign policies that have led to chaos in the U.S. government and in the world, and replace them with plans that can lead to a global renaissance. As the proposals are introduced, nations will understand how to create a niche based on their natural resources.

The first three nations we address are the United States, England and Iraq. We will plug the (money and power) drain on the U.S. economy to the Middle East by settling the dispute between the United States and Iraq in England.

While Trump wields the power of the presidency, and China and Russia wield their power, to see who will be the most important nation on the planet, the rest of the world will be rising in power because it all depends on where true power comes from, and that is also what our first proposals address.

Our organization's bylaws declare we don't accept donations or contributions. We must fund our projects through other sources of income. We believe that supporters must get something in return, a form of win-win agreement, so we are about to launch our first newsletter. "World Peace" will allow subscribers to keep informed as the proposal evolves. Each issue will address one government proposal, and explain its rationale, the principles, and the planning for events so subscribers have in hand a full perspective on the issue for continued reference. Each issue will include a detailed survey to be handed over to the government, and so subscribers will have a voice.