Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Who Will Be Chosen as the International Supreme Court Justices?

The United States of America is once again facing the selection of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. This week, President Trump is interviewing candidates. The one he chooses will then go through
Senate confirmation hearings. Justices serve for life, and their role is to decide whether laws and practices are Constitutional, so the nine justices have enormous power.

People all over the world are watching to see how the U.S. legal system functions, and imagining what the One World government will be like, but this time period has been unusual that the Republicans control the White House, both Houses of Congress, and the Supreme Court. The truth is, there are many independents and non-voters, and they sway the elections. Many factors are involved.
The international government will function on a higher level than the U.S. government because it will be based on a wider perspective.

If the justices have so much power, who will be selected as the international Supreme Court justices?
Will their selection be based on power grabs? The first government proposal will address where true power comes from. Mankind will evolve out of war-based thinking and into peace-based thinking. Everything will come slowly and in perfect order. Change is not based on a time-schedule, but an event schedule.

During the Conference in Europe, the delegates who come to work on the international constitution will start the long process to write the Constitution. In "A Manual for the One World Government," by Seth through me, which will be published once the professional publishing team comes together, Seth explains in depth how to write a constitution, and what is important to include, including the Supreme Court. He says every person on the planet will be included in the discussions, and that it will not be signed into law until everyone agrees to the final draft.

Imagine several years from now when the first international Supreme Court justices are selected. Who will be chosen?