Thursday, September 20, 2018

Are China and Russia Together the Next Superpower?

Form email to Senator Ron Wyden regarding the rise of China and Russia:

My organization is working to create an international government based on the US Constitution and the cooperation of nature.

This morning, there is an article on NBC news, called "' Russia, China embrace uneasily, aim for 'desirable world order' Moscow-Beijing relations are "showing dynamic growth." Their idea of cooperation is demonstrating that Asia is the next superpower. Last week, Tony Blair was interviewed, and said he hoped the United States and Europe could unite to create a solid resistance, so he must believe the United States cannot be trusted to help to resist the rise of Russia and China domination.

China and Russia are basing their rise in power on power games they developed over the years, and the collapse of the US power base as the result of the preemptive strike on Iraq is allowing them the opportunity to take their plans to the next level.

The opportunities are ending for the United States to exercise our power. Our diplomats go into other nations and are scorned. Bush and Clinton had shoes thrown at them, and were left out of meetings at summits. To prevent the US from becoming a third world nation we must address where true power comes from. This fall in power based on power grabs is no different than someone who relies on alcohol to compensate for  lack of compassion, and begins to fall into the abyss. It is a similar process to rise out of the abyss, but the longer we wait, the harder it will be.

The US now has three choices. We can continue on as is. Trump is playing the same series of power games Bush played and so we should hit the edge of the abyss soon. Or, Trump can keep pushing his failed policy of maximum pressure, and wage war on China and Russia, and we will be at war with the rest of the world. Both are existential threats and lead to the US becoming a failed state. Or, we can do what is in everyone's best interest, and join the growing number of nations who see the plan for the international government as the solution to this crisis.

I have been offering the US government through you, our elected officials, information that will allow the United States to function on a higher level. What you have done with it has been up to you. I have been teaching the rest of the world through our blogs, and now I must step back and allow you to figure out for yourself whether our government will listen to the advice.

My perspective now is to consider the United States to be equal to all the other nations. The first government  proposal is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, but it's contingency is that the United States agree to amend our Constitution to create the additional layer of government--through an Article V amendment convention. Congress has proven it cannot solve these problems so it must turn responsibility over to someone who can--the People and the States.