Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Lesson #1: Where Does True Power Come From?

The New York Times is running a story about the crisis in Lebanon. It is a lesson mankind is now learning.

"To Make Sense of Lebanon's Protests, Follow the Garbage: The country's perpetual refuse crisis is just one example of government corruption and dysfunction that have brought protesters into the streets."

In their power-sharing agreement, no one is assuming responsibility. True power comes not from vast amounts of money, or military might. The faction that assumes responsibility for solving their nation's problems will be the next leaders, because they will have the support of the people. Not through corrupt intent. Not through lining their own pockets with funds that have been set aside for the common good. Not through lies and deceit.

Their power sharing agreement seemed like a good idea at the time. It seemed the best way to end the conflict. It didn't address the root cause of the problem. Lebanon has seen decades of interference from outside forces and acts of terrorism, and it has left that nation on a far lower level . Our proposal to Lebanon can be found at www.oneworldgov.org/top/2012/proposal7.htm, and it can help the people of Lebanon to rise out of its crisis. First, we must all address where true power comes from.