Friday, January 17, 2020

Where does true power come from?

In the United States, Donald Trump is facing impeachment and a trial in the Senate that leads to possible removal from office, including a sentence that prevents him from ever holding another office of trust. He has gone through a very contentious first term in office, facing resistance from the first day in office. People are accusing him of betraying his oath off office to the Constitution of the United States.  

Seen from the wider perspective, what is going on? How can this chaos in the impeachment process be explained in terms that everyone can understand? 

These are not normal times. A schism exists, and it is continuing to tear apart the planet. 

Christians call this time period the Rapture, and there is a prophecy of a time known as Armageddon. In Israel, there is a theory that battles will be played out on a mountain known as Megiddo.

The Wikipedia page on Megiddo, Israel, tells us: 

In Christian apocalyptic literature, Mount Megiddo... is identified as the site of the final battle between the forces of good and evil at the end of time, known as Armageddon and mentioned in the New Testament in Revelation 16:16.

There are several references of the End Times in the Bible and other religious texts, but not a clear understanding of what that actually means. What is the application of Armageddon in modern terms? 

The end times are not the end of the Earth, or civilization, or any nation. The end times are the end of a cycle, and everything moves in cycles--including the end of life crisis. Armageddon occurs all the time, and it follows certain steps, and if you understand how it occurs, you can avoid the bitter consequences and learn how to function on a higher level. 

Some people are predicting the impeachment process will lead to the end of American Democracy, but it can also be the beginning of a new level of democracy for the entire planet. Some people see the prophecy of St. Malachy as being the end of the Catholic church, but it can also be the end of the old church and the beginning of a new cycle that functions on higher levels. 
In the time period between January 2008 and December 2012, all the cycles lined up. Change only occurs easily at the beginning and end of a cycle, so this has been a time of great changes. Our books associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal go far deeper into this, so let's just focus here on how it relates to what is occurring in the United States to set the stage for the next level. 

What are the steps of Armageddon? As the prophecies about the Rapture tell us, two people will be sitting in a field, and one will be taken and the other will be left behind. One will stand on the principles and that will trigger the fears of another person, who goes down into the power games. 

Armageddon started on a global basis when Saddam Hussein stood on the principles that he was the rightful president of Iraq and that Iraq is a sovereign nation. He stood up to defend his nation, Iraq's natural resources and himself, and that was such a threat to George W. Bush's security and support that he went down into the power games, and he invaded Iraq preemptively. When no WMD were found, the invasion of Iraq backlashed on George W. Bush, and it collapsed their power bases.

Years have passed and Iraq seems to have moved on, but the schism continues to tear apart the planet, step by step. 

  • Principles or Power
  • Deceit or Illusion
  • Sacrifice and Crucifixion
  • Betrayal
  • The Point of No Return
  • Backed into the Corner
The last two steps occur simultaneously. 

These steps are covered in our Armageddon Series. They are only available at this time to independent members of our organization as we prepare to become advisers to the governments. 

When you run from fear, it gets bigger. The Exit Strategy for Iraq allows George W. Bush to face his fears at last by ending the dispute in court, but not under the existing international structure. We are taking the international courts to a higher level now. 

What does true power come from? Does it come from having the world's biggest military at your command, or having nuclear codes, or a long list of Coalition nations signed on to invade another nation?