Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Local Courts

Iran is calling for the United States to leave the Middle East, and the way to do that is through the proposed international government, which will also function on a continental basis. No leader of any nation will ever interfere in the affairs of another nation. Disputes between nations of the same continent will be resolved in the Local Courts, and between continents in the Superior Courts. 

Each of our government proposals has associated books and booklets that explain the principles of the project, and the trade book for each proposal addresses the application of the principles. Our second proposal explains how the United States will set up the extra layer of government necessary by amending the US Constitution. In "A Manual for the One World Government," Seth explains how the international court system will function.

At our month-long conference in Europe, when the delegations from every nation come to debate the plan for the international government, there will be delegates to help to set up the international courts. Before that, we will hold the Oxford and Stonehenge event in England to start the process of withdrawing from Iraq.