Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Application of the Principles of the Corona Virus

According to Donald Trump, this week will be as devastating as Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Does he mean the Covid 19 pandemic in the US will take many lives or that we will be invaded by a hostile force? It could be either or both. It could also be that he used the wrong metaphor to describe the coming week.

The Covid 19 virus was manifested when someone in Wuhan, China equated people and snakes. There are several strains of the virus around the world, and each strain can be traced to a different interpretation of "snake." Trump's trade war and sanctions  against China are a form of Maximum Pressure that have caused chaos in their economy. Or, the man who manifested the virus may have had personal relationship problems. Ideas can come out all over the world simultaneously in the Collective Unconscious. The cases of viruses in a nursing home among people that are no longer interested in politics can be traced to rising costs and fewer services. A new cook? No vacancies in other nursing homes? What is the application of New York's strain of the virus? The SDNY and their court cases against the Trump Organization, including Roger Stone, and all made worse by the impeachment acquittal? 

We must stop equating people and snakes, but we also must solve the problems that triggered the virus to be manifested. The existing structure is failing because it is based on plans that don't address the root cause of the crisis, but going down into the power games is also not the solution. 

This last week, at Trump's request, Putin sent Donald Trump a plane-load of supplies, like masks and personal protect equipment to fight the Covid 19 virus. Why would Donald Trump go to Putin for help? Does he function for his own interests? How can Trump maintain the support of his people of he functions for his own interests? Trump just announced he doesn't support voting by mail because how can Republicans win any elections if all votes are considered equal? While gerrymandering and voter suppression seemed to work to keep elected officials in office, that power grab always leads to a loss of power. 

It  is in no one's best interest for Putin to declare himself Emperor of the Planet, nor for the two nations to go to war over this. The plan for the international government is what is in everyone's best interest, and under the plan, disputes between nations will be resolved in court, not the battlefield, and the monies wasted on war will go to the people instead. 

Will America stand? Will the US Constitution stand? Constitutions create governments, and our constitution was crafted by men who made it so that America would have to evolve out of it. The emolument's clause was included for this set of circumstances. The Constitution will stand. This is the point in our evolution when the people's lives are affected, and they are now open to the plan for the proposed international government. 

America is at the end of a cycle. We can choose to go up, down or straight ahead. The Battles of Armageddon are raging, and they include deceit and illusion, sacrifice and crucifixion, betrayal, and then a final split. We go into the battles in our Armageddon Series--more on that later.  

We will start with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. What is happening now around the planet happened during the Stonehenge era. We are taking Stonehenge forward in its evolution, also.