Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Cycle of Violence Must End

The exit strategy for Iraq does not involve the Iraqi people, nor their government, so much as it does the United States making its decision to participate in the proposed international government. It is an exit strategy that guarantees to the entire planet its inalienable rights and a way to end a genocide, but, oddly enough, it is more importantly a U.S. economic stimulus plan.

The United States is a land of opportunity, but at the same time, un-empowerment from family crisis leaves people without the vision to become entrepreneurs. The opportunity is there, and the equality, but not the capacity. Our education system is considered by many to be “dumbing down” to provide a work force for the major corporations, and our tax code is skewed to benefit corporations over small business, which is the backbone of any economy. Corporate entities take on a life of their own, and demand resources to continue to be fed. Unfortunately, it is done at the expense of the shareholder to benefit the few over the many, and when this occurs, it creates chaos in the system.

To remove ourselves from Iraq requires we replace our presence with a “force for good” rather than one to take over resources, or the society will implode. The United States created an occupation force, and the society took one step over to the right to compensate.
Imagine that the occupation came to take away, and created a black-market concept and an insurgency, and now the security and support structure within Iraq is based on violence rather than entrepreneurship and enterprise. Entire generations of Iraqis will continue to subsist on violence, and this is why child soldiers is such a heinous crime against one’s own society. It leaves generation after generation at the mercy of the occupation force, and it isn’t until a “brave soul” stands in protest, such as Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks, and introduces a plan that benefits everyone that the cycle of conflict draws to an end.

To draw to an end every insurgency, and every source of violence on the planet, we are establishing an overview protocol, and making every individual on the planet a Nelson Mandela or a Rosa Parks.

The next thing to consider is how they can come into their empowerment, and that is by simple, step by step planning.

To come into the paradigm that supports entrepreneurship requires mankind to make a choice to step away from the violence. This is where most of the peacekeepers are. Step away from the violence. But, there is no incentive to do so until a major, earth-shattering plan is introduced. Jesus said he came not to bring people together, but to take them apart, and this is why. The cycle of violence must be shattered, the reliance on power games that leads to un-empowerment, and the climb up the ladder of success to one’s failure. Imagine the frustration of working one’s fingers to the bone only to be found once again on the lowest rung. How disheartening it is! This is why the Personal Development Movement arose, and spiritual books by hundreds of thousands of New Age gurus were written--how to overcome one’s un-empowerment, and finding a sense of peace.

To create peace in your life requires you to give peace. It cannot come from mantras, or from re-structuring your bathroom medicine cabinet with soothing lotions and tonics. It is a matter of understanding that every time you do something violent leads to a backlash on yourself.

To top this exit strategy off “with a giant cherry,” we are starting the launch of a new book, called “The World Peace Plan.” It is a major collaboration of five “New Age” authors who come together with a sense of camaraderie and “joi de vivre” to launch the World Peace Plan into the thinking of mankind. I am speaking facetiously because no one would really expect these five sovereign entities to be together with a single purpose, nor is it expressed within the book. It leaves readers speechless, because at the end of the book, one has the understanding that world peace is not only possible, but already thought out and instigated, which it is.

I recommend that you start your journey to end the violent cycles in your life by undertaking the journey with one small step. Others have gone before you, and when the choice was made to go up rather than down, invariably, every single individual who read this book chose to go up, while those who had not chose to rely on the games. That is how important and vital this mini-book is. Never again will a reader choose to go down into the games. There may be instances where someone is backed into a corner, and chooses violence because the option to go up is not there, but once the predecessor –the preceding domino of the layout--falls, he, too, will join the movement.