Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dear President Obama: The United States can withdraw gracefully from Iraq

Our organization is working to introduce a plan for an international government based on the US Constitution and the cooperation of nature. As of today, people in 76 nations, including Muslim nations, support the plan for the international government.

Our Exit Strategy for Iraq enables the United States to withdraw gracefully from the conflict in Iraq. It is the solution for the ripples of effects that have gone out from the Iraq Genocide. The contingency for the Exit Strategy for Iraq is that the United States address the creation of the proposed international government within the United States.

Our proposal for the Constitutional Amendment can be found on our website at, and that proposal calls for our nation to start purifying the US legal system. That proposal can be found at

The proposals for the creation of the international government are being introduced through senators and representatives. Because we are presently located in Oregon, all proposals are being given to Congressman Peter DeFazio, and Senator Wyden. The proposal for purifying the US legal system will be given to the senators from Montana.