Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Open letter to all Americans

Dear Friends of Peace,

As you may know, our organization has been dealing with a hostile takeover bid, and many people have been drawn into crisis. Because the same crises occur on every level, it is possible to solve the crisis on the individual level and apply the same solution internationally, so we have called for a genocide watch on our organization to demonstrate the potential of our plan to end genocides on every level. While what is occurring is horrifying and oppressive, this is also allowing us to advise the government on how to end the global genocide.

What unites us is the fact that everyone is being oppressed. If the world leaders don’t know how to end a genocide and is relying on us, and the world leaders are watching our every move through the genocide watch I called for, then the counterpoint of that is conflict resolution. It is time for peace to come.

Anyone who attempts to continue on with any form of conflict is harming himself or herself more than the victims.  The victims who have passed away have made their ascension to the higher levels, and the perpetrators of the crimes have gone down in power.

How can I say this? Because this is what occurred with the preemptive strike against Iraq. The United States waged war against innocent people and we ended up losing our power base.

People equate ideas, such as military strength and power, but the strongest army in the world was driven out of Iraq by home-made explosive devices, and a Coalition of the Willing nations was not able to subdue the uprising against them.

This does not bode well for a military response against ISIS. Their tactics are to start “forest fires” and we will always be in a reactive mode. You cannot win a war that is always in the reactive mode, and where there is no centralized command. You cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives, and this is how covert and overt actions against someone work.

The problem we are facing as a nation is that the present structure is not working to solve the problems, but it actually makes the crisis worse.

The UN Charter has five main flaws, which actually encourage the games to be played.

1.      It does not treat all nations equally. This leads to war.
2.     It bases a nations power on its behavior rather than inalienable rights, which leads to control of other nations by covert and overt actions.
3.     A nation may not have a voice in matters of grave concern, which leads to terrorism.
4.  A nation that does not have a voice also has no recourse to change what is unfair, also leading to terrorism.
5. A nation does not have to be a signatory of the international courts, so disputes between nations are not resolved, so the anger continues to build against oppressive nations.

These flaws lead to oppression and destabilization. Attempts to reform the UN have failed. No nation in power will ever agree to let go of its power unless it is forced to, and that time is now.

The first requirement for conflict resolution is that everyone must be considered equal. That the games are oppressive and that everyone is playing the games and everyone is being oppressed has created the sense of equality.

The next requirement is that everyone must assume responsibility for their actions, and then come up with a plan that everyone agrees to.

That is the plan for the international government, starting with the proposal that disputes between nations be handled in a legitimate international court system rather than the battlefield. That is our Exit Strategy for Iraq. 

Why should the people suffer?

Why not be civilized internationally as well as within each nation?

How many nations go to war within their own country to settle disputes?

The basis for the international legal system won’t be Sharia Law. It will be Universal Law, because that is already in effect, and every person on the planet in some way has been exposed to these teachings. It is the fairest form of law that is possible. All the major religions of the world base their teachings Universal Law.

For the United States to step out of the conflict we are in with ISIS, we must stand on the principles of Universal Law.

To get peace, we must give peace.

The perpetrators of the crimes against humanity are fighting the Universe, and can’t win.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq calls for putting—originally, Saddam Hussein—now his lieutenants, into power temporarily, to end the conflict in Iraq and to help Iraq transition into being an equal member of the proposed international government. It grants Iraq full sovereignty. While that is taking place, the proposal calls for the United States to start to transition, also.

That leads us to our next proposal, which is the Constitutional Amendment proposal, which is actually the first proposal. The Exit Strategy is also a US proposal, one that plugs the drain to the Middle East on the US economy. While the Iraqi people are making their transition to full sovereignty, all Americans will be working to amend our Constitution to create the additional layer of government.

There is a great deal to do within the United States to prepare for full participation in the proposed international government, and it will take lots of time and effort on the parts of every American. While we are doing this, our organization will tackle the upcoming proposals, including rebuilding Iraq.

Karen Holmes,
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

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