Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Organization Goals

• We are working to bring peace and prosperity to all the countries of the world.

• We are working to heal the rifts that were created in the past by wars and massacres, which left the fabric of the planet torn apart.

• We are working to prevent wars and destruction of the people from international violence.

• We are working to make it possible for all people on the planet to have enough to eat and a place to live, and enable them to support themselves in a job that is satisfying and fulfilling.

• We are working to heal the planet itself, through teaching people what they can do on an individual basis, and also through stopping pollution and other practices that are harmful to the closed environment of the planet.

• We are making it possible for the governments of the world to stop wasting money on war, and using the money instead to make their own country prosper.

• We are working to ensure that the peoples of the world are given a good education, based on the highest good for all, and fulfilling their purpose in life, and that the people in the prisons of the world are treated fairly and humanely.

• We are working to educate the peoples of the world to be empowered, to accept responsibility for what they have created in the past, and how to heal the problems created by this, such as nuclear waste.