Monday, December 8, 2014

New Global Holiday: Christ Mass Announced

Karen Holmes, the principal of The World Peace Organization for the One World Government, is announcing the first holiday of the spiritual year, Christ Mass, to be celebrated on December 21, 2014. 

Christ Mass is not just for Christians. It is a global holiday that is one of the seven holidays celebrated as part of the Faith of the Pure Ray.

The Faith of the Pure Ray draws together all the world's seven major religions into one spiritual body of knowledge that is necessary to understand to create the life you want. It makes no difference what your religion is, when you start out on the journey to create the life you want, you first must apply the principles of Christianity and Creativity, the symbol for it is the color red. 

Jesus of Nazareth taught the principles of Creativity to his culture at a time when they were open to his lessons. His teachings focused on the lessons of the Beatitudes, still taught today. It was a time of great social and political turmoil. 

The yearly calendar of holidays is based on the ancient teachings of the planning process. If you know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process, you can find the solution to the crisis.  The symbology is the Rainbow, not just a symbol of hope (to the Prophet Noah,) but a promise from the Creator of us all that there is a solution to every crisis.  

Our focus now turns to solving problems, creating a  plan that enables everyone on the planet to function on a higher level, based on the principles of Creativity.

Eventually, priests and ministers and pastors of the Christian religion will come together to teach these principles of their religion in Faith of the Pure Ray churches, basically schools that draw together all the seven major religions into one building. In the same building will be offices of the proposed international government to guarantee the rights of the people to create the life each wants without interference.

To find out more about the Faith of the Pure Ray, please go to The Faith of the Pure Ray