Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Declaration of Inalienable Rights

Today people all over the world turn their attention to the issue of human rights. To stand in protest of human rights violations, and for your voice to be respected, there must be a plan that benefits everyone. It is not enough to stand in protest and to expect people who function for their own interests to change their behavior.

The plan for the proposed international government is the way to guarantee the inalienable rights we have as citizens of this planet. The plan is based on doing what is in everyone's best interest, and therefore our plan is being regarded by even those who have no social conscience.

The first issue on our agenda is guaranteeing to every person on the  planet their inalienable rights. It is a matter of basing the plan on a proven concept, and that is the U.S. Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers lived in a time of great oppression. You can see their longing for peace and tranquility when your read the Declaration of Independence. Once they achieved their right to sovereignty, by drawing together the colonists with a common cause, then they were placed in the remarkable position that if living under the oppressive regime of King George III didn't suit them, what would?

They understood what they didn't want, but then they had to decide what they did want, and then create a plan that enabled them to achieve their goal of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Generation after generation, the plan has unfolded, and issues that clarify the American identity have come up to be addressed.

Now it is time for the same series of events to be replayed, and for the same choices to be made, but this time on global scale.

Our goal is the inalienable rights that the Creator of us all to be granted to every person on the planet.

They have always been there, but as we as individuals create by default, and assume positions of power as chosen leadership, those rights are abrogated. As their own agenda reaches its ultimate conclusion, it backlashes and that individual loses power, and is replaced.

The first step is to identify one's nations as "deserving" the rights that are guaranteed by our Creator, which is not what it seems, because rights are not based on deserving, but guaranteed. No one "de-serves" inalienable rights because to abrogate those rights is to lose one's power.

The inalienable rights granted to us by our Creator are:

  • To create the life we want without interference,
  • to be treated fairly and equally,
  • and to have a voice in our government.
The application of those inalienable rights is expressed in the U.S. Constitution.

To enable every person on the planet their inalienable rights, we must, as a planet, follow the same course that our Founding Fathers took to create the United States of America.

While the United States is the teacher by demonstration that this concept will work, the results for the international government will be much higher. With the input of people all over the planet, given the right to speak and express concerns to be addressed by the general assembly--called the leadership council--a group of individuals who have proven their intent by standing on the principles of fairness and equality--then mankind will progress on the path to its creation.

The leadership council exists. That is the diplomatic community in every nation. At this time they have plenipotentiary powers within their own nations, but none internationally. They will enable delegations to form from within their own nations to represent their cultures within the international government only. It won't be until the conference of world leaders occurs that the international government will have the rights to dispense rights to the peoples.