Friday, April 7, 2017

Confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch

Today, the US Senate is confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court justice. His confirmation will have a profound effect on the US legal system for the next 50 years, but also for the next thousand years, as this contentious process demonstrates major issues that are creating chaos in our legal system, and they must be purified to prevent the chaos from spreading onto the international level.

In the future, once the plan for the international government moves forward in its progress, our organization will work with the Supreme Court justices, including Justice Gorsuch, to purify the US legal system, and so today, we will focus on what has made his confirmation so disputed.

Neil Gorsuch is a judge with many years of experience. He leans toward the conservative end of the spectrum, and that is not the issue. He says he stands on the law and is an "originalist," which means he turns to the Federalist Papers, which were written by the founding fathers, and the Constitution for his guidance. What would they do? He also says that the Constitution is fixed, but that is where he runs into problems. He believes he is standing on the principles of the Constitution, but he sees only two levels of the US legal system--the Constitution and federal laws-- where there are actually three levels, and the Constitution is not fixed at all, but evolutionary. This belief structure can lead to a backwards interpretation of the founding father's original intent. Many people have this same belief structure.

Our founding fathers were spiritual men, and many were Masons, and they studied the deeper spiritual meanings. No one has a perfect understanding of the spiritual meanings, including the Masons.

The seven major religions are cultural interpretations of Universal Law. For world peace to come, every person on the planet has had to be exposed to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Every atom in the Universe is subject to Universal Law, but not all people live their lives based on the principles of Universal Law. Religion can be used as a tool or as a weapon when it is based on power games, and each of the seven major religions plays a favorite power game.

The deeper spiritual teachings declare the Universe has three levels, the Father, the Mother and the Son--just like a family. The Father fixes the family at a particular level in society, and the Mother decides which direction the family goes from that point. The Mother can enable the family to rise, to fall, or to stay the same. Other ways to look at the three levels are the Principles, the Power and the Project. The Father stands on the principles, the Mother is the power aspect, and the power can be used as a tool or a weapon, and the project level is their creation.

By ignoring the Father aspect, and considering only the Mother aspect to be fixed and the Son aspect--the court cases that are being appealed-- Neil Gorsuch's decisions can seem to stand on the principles when they are actually based on power games. There are five power games that governments play, including wars, genocides, massacres, slavery and terrorism, and they are oppressive to the people.

The fears have arisen that Neil Gorsuch will vote to overturn laws that uphold the rights of American citizens and that were declared Constitutional by previous Supreme Court justices. He has the right to his decision, and this is where America is at the present time in our evolution.

With the entire planet watching the United States to see how we function, to demonstrate the potential of the the US Constitution to be the basis for the proposed international government, it is important to understand how this crisis has unfolded.

Let's consider that those who have learned the lesson about Universal Law, and they "do unto others as they would have done to them," are standing on the principles, and those who haven't learned this lesson yet are relying on power games to be able to get their lives on a higher level. The unfortunately death of Justice Scalia became their opportunity to function on a higher level. Like a door being opened and on the other side of the door was their grand opportunity, what occurred when the door opened was not an opportunity, but a a brick wall. A series of battles are now occurring between the Republicans and the Democrats over his nomination and confirmation. This same battle is occurring all over the planet when one stands on the principles and it affects the security and support of another. The same series of battles occurs, and the end result is that there is a final split, like a husband and wife going through a hostile divorce.

In terms of our first government proposal, we are looking at the preemptive strike on Iraq, and the schism that formed between the Republicans and Democrats. The Bush administration, the majority of the Republicans--including Donald Trump and his administration--believe the preemptive strike enabled the United States to keep our power, while the Democrats and many independents saw that there was a backlash to the game, and it is failed foreign policy.

Mankind is now looking at this phenomenon, called the Battles of Armageddon, and where true power comes from, and how there is always a backlash from not standing on the principles of Universal Law.

The basis for the legal system of the proposed international government will be Universal Law, the only basis that is possible, and that will be accepted by every person on the planet. Mankind is letting go of the power games that never had the capacity to help anyone get their life.

I am sure many people had a difficult time understanding why Neil Gorsuch's nomination was so disputed. He is a respected judge. Then, the Republican's act to lower the standards from a 60% majority to a simple majority now allows future nominees to be rubber-stamped by the majority party in Congress. This was the fourth battle of Armageddon, which relates to betrayal.

As mankind works to nominate and confirm international Supreme Court justices, which standards will have to be met? Will they be rubber-stamped as part of power struggles on the international level? Which nine people on the planet will decide where mankind is on the evolutionary scale? Will they "justify" power games that are oppressive to the people?