Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Is the case against Saddam Hussein unraveling?

Have you ever noticed that when something nags at your mind that eventually you figure out why? Some lesson emerges, and once you look at it, the nagging fades away.

What is nagging at the United States is the recent election, but rather than looking at why Donald Trump won, let's look at why Jeb Bush didn't. It wasn't that Trump was the superior candidate, because Jeb Bush is much more qualified for the job. He has prior government experience so he wouldn't have faced talks of impeachment in the first four months of his presidency. Jeb would never have made the simple mistakes that Donald Trump has made that threaten his presidency, not to mention the major mistakes that are becoming evident in the investigations.

George HW Bush's dream has been to have his two sons become president, but Jeb brought with him into the campaign the burden of the failed foreign policy decisions of his brother. For 41 to get his dream, this issue must be addressed. Power comes from working to undo the damage you have done.

What led to the schism in Washington DC is the revenge against Saddam Hussein, and to end the schism in our government and around the world, the United States must address the fact that Saddam Hussein was innocent of the charges against him. 

 Let's assume that after the primary, the Bush family sat down together and tried to figure out why Jeb Bush lost, and that after some honest soul-searching, they came to the understanding that they cannot get their life by getting revenge on Saddam Hussein. 

If that actually occurred, they are now undermining the terrorists that stood in protest against George W. Bush's policy of preemption. The arms deal Trump just made with the Saudis was unnecessary. George W. Bush didn't understand the root cause of terrorism, instead believing that "some people are good and some are bad, and the bad people want to hurt the good people," and so his plan to end terrorism made the crisis worse. The root cause of terrorism is that people on the bottom are denied a voice in matters of grave concern, and raise their voices to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence. Muslims rise in protest when they see someone is not acting fairly and equally, so if the Bush family is now seeing that the policy of preemption was failed policy, then terrorism will fade away. This will have more of an effect on the "rise of violent extremism" than a major arms deal. 

The next group to be undermined are those who declare their support for the War on Terror, who are using the United States military to target their own people to stay in power, and they undermine those who play the game of Greed, and they are undermining those who judged Saddam Hussein to be evil, which led to the genocide. That undermines the Gulf War, which was started by George HW Bush.

For 41 to get his dream, he will eventually assume responsibility to undo the damage he did during the Gulf War--which started to establish the Pentacle of Power against Saddam Hussein. 

The Pentacle of Power against Saddam Hussein is unraveling. Each of the five groups of people who came together with what seemed like a common goal--revenge against Saddam Hussein--are undermining each other because none had the same goal. Revenge is a means to an end. None of the people who were drawn into the act of revenge got what they wanted, but they did--they got revenge.