Saturday, May 6, 2017

We are all citizens of the Universe

The one unifying factor that brings every person on the planet together is that each of us wants to be able to create the life we want, and the one law that unifies everyone is Universal Law.

We are all citizens of the Universe. The application of that in our lives includes government and religion, and so the plan for the international government, and how it addresses religion, must stand on the principles of Universal Law for it to be able to unify the entire planet. For world peace to come, every person on the planet had to be exposed to Universal Law, and now that has happened. 

The focus to this point has been creating entirely different governments and different religions, which has created a sense of conflict. Now it is time to re-introduce the teachings that can unify the planet in both government and religion. 

A Constitution creates a government, and the planet has watched nations, such as Iraq, struggle to create a new government by writing a new constitution. But, what are the factors that must be addressed when you write a constitution that end the conflict and bring a sense of unification? 

Who could imagine that it is possible to unify the world's seven major religions, but we are doing that with the Faith of the Pure Ray. We take nothing from any religion, and respect each of them for what they are.

If mankind works to create an international government without basing it on Universal Law, only conflict can come from it. There are institutions, such as the United Nations, that seem to be in everyone's best interest, but any that does not treat all people fairly and equally will eventually fail. 

There is a prophecy about the rise of a caliphate and a prophecy about a Thousand Years of Peace. Prophecy can be a warning or a promise. Which stands on the principles of Universal Law, or does the caliphate promise that mankind will live in peace for that thousand years? Is there an interpretation for either or both that is based on misunderstandings? 

The Universe has three levels. There are the Principles, the Power and the Project, or in religion, there is the Father, the Mother and the Son. 

Which is based on "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you? Which stands on the principles of equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance? 

Mankind always has three choices, to go up, down or straight ahead. 

This weekend, the French people are voting for their new president, and at the last minute, there was a huge attempt to hack the election, just as there was with the US presidential election. Is this an attempt to create a global government where one individual will become the emperor of the planet? Will there are 200 dictators subservient to one emperor?

During this time period, with instantaneous global communications, it is possible for one individual to reach every person on the planet, and therefore to perpetrate a hostile takeover of the entire planet. It is possible, but it is also not probable or even likely that it will happen, and that is because no one is in agreement for it to come about. 

No one is in agreement for one individual to become emperor of the planet. No one is in agreement for one individual to become the caliph of the planet, and the global legal system to be based on Sharia Law.  Only conflict can come from that. 

The proposed international government will have no say in how a nation chooses its leaders. Every nation will be sovereign and autonomous. It will not attempt to dictate on culture or religion. Change must come from within the culture, when the people are ready, and never forced to change from an outside source. The unification process will take what exists to the higher level by focusing on what unifies all the nations and all the religions and all the people. 

Each nation will send an international president to the international government, and they will vote to decide on whether legislation passed by the international legislative branch is executable. At this time, there is a question about what role the US president plays, and that question must be addressed and must be purified before the international government is created. The US president is not a king. He or she is subject to all three levels of the US legal system, and also international law. 

Mankind is creating a new international government that must stand on the principles of Universal Law, and because it does, there will be no resistance to the plan. When we stand on the principles of Universal Law, we are able to apply the principles of Creativity in our own lives. We are "endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."