Friday, May 26, 2017

The Rise of Unifying Islam

Today marks the start of Ramadan, the month-long time for Muslims all over the world to turn from focusing on the cares of the world to studying the Quran. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, which creates a sense of equality.

Islam is based on the principle of equality, which is what people who have been dragged into a war lack. Muslims stand in protest when they see someone who is not treating everyone fairly and equally, someone who is not standing on the principles of Universal Law, which treats everyone fairly and equally.

For students of the Faith of the Pure Ray, Islam is a unifying force in the world. For those of us who were raised as Christians, and know Christmas is something that we must keep in our hearts all year long, we now know that Ramadan is also something that we must keep in our heart all year long, because equality is the first requirement for conflict resolution, and that the battle between Christianity and Islam can be resolved when all the religions are considered equal, which is what they are in the Faith of the Pure Ray. We are the rise of unifying Islam. We are unifying the world's seven major religions.

The Light Source invention demonstrates the devolution from intolerance to its ultimate conclusion of terrorism, which then leads to feuds and failed states. Ironically, how many failed states are predominantly Muslim nations?

It is the grab for power that leads to loss of power, because power games go against Universal Law. If you can't get power by playing oppressive power games, how can you get back the power you have lost? If you have lost everything, how do you get it back? The Light Source invention is included in the Power Packet, which is the first packet of information that students of our Getting Out of the Abyss classes study.

For world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to get the life we want. This is one of the inalienable rights granted to each of us by the Creator of us all. To deny another person their inalienable rights, they are fighting the Universe and therefore, cannot win. We cannot point fingers at others, we can only look inside of ourselves to see if we are standing on the principles of equality, and working to end oppression that comes from intolerance.

At the end of our Getting Out of the Abyss classes, we become the teachers, and we send out to family and friends a series of postcards to draw them into the Getting Out of the Abyss classes. We are demonstrating to others it is possible to do so. The first postcard explains that when you see oppression of any time, like Muslims should do, you stand in protest, but unless you can offer a plan that benefits everyone, your voice will go unheard.

What is the plan that benefits everyone? The overview plan is the plan for the international government, because it is based on the principles of Universal Law. We are focusing first on the principles that unify the planet.

Our first proposal takes disputes between nations off the battlefield and into court. The basis for the international legal system is Universal Law.