Monday, October 2, 2017

In Defense of Kim Jong Un

Form email to Senator Ron Wyden, who is on the Senate Intelligence Committee that is investigating the Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election

The Intelligence Committee is investigating Trump's Russian connections. The overview perspective is based on Putin taking his power games to the next level to become emperor of the planet. He establishes oligarchs under him to control the various industries. Trump has his own network of business partners who are rising in power, just as he is. 

The plan for the international government is competing with the rise of an emperor. The nations that have supported the idea of an international government that treats them fairly and equally are being targeted, such as Iran, Cuba and North Korea, Venezuela and Qatar. The Senate investigation [committee] should not see these nations as adversaries. President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry saw the potential in opening the door to these nations.

Please be aware that there is resistance to the plan [for the international government] as they all jockey for power. If you look at the plan in this way, you will see the events occurring in the world from a new perspective, one that supports your investigations. 

The trial of two Asian women who are accused of killing Kim Jong Nam has started. The two women  say they are innocent. They thought they were perpetrating some prank for a hidden camera video.  Kim Jong Un is being blamed for killing his brother. Who offered the women the opportunity to be part of the prank? Who is powerful enough to frame the women in court? One of Trump's business partners is a powerful man in Malaysia who can frame Kim Jong Un at the same time, and their plans to become emperor of the planet progress.

Kim Jong Il agreed to talks, and Kim Jong Un is aware of the plan, which requires two presidents from each nation, one for the national and one for the international levels. The logical international president from North Korea was Kim Jong Nam. It would make no sense for him to kill his brother.

Donald Trump is undermining Rex Tillerson, who has dismantled the State Department. It makes no real sense for him to do that, but when the plan for the international government is considered, it is a logical step for him to do that, and for Kim Jong Un to react to US acts of aggression by ramping up his nuclear program. The sense of betrayal he feels means he won't trust the United States.