Saturday, October 7, 2017

The storm before the calm

Posted on our Facebook page this morning.

"Donald Trump is being secretive about the calm before the storm, but I can tell you about the storm before the calm.

Each year our organization plans to introduce government proposals to eight nations. Those eight nations share a common issue, and for our first year, all eight nations have fallen into crisis because of a sense of judgment.

The eight nations are like a team--or think of a jury--and when the last person comes in and offers support for an idea, everyone agrees to the idea and the plan moves forward.

The first proposal I channeled was offered to the US government in 2003, just before the start of the Iraq War. It has taken that long for the idea to trickle out, for the idea to grow, and for the resistance to the plan to be overcome.

I channeled them in order, but when I put the proposals together into the Track Our Progress planning, I didn't take into consideration one little glitch--North Korea is the last proposal. The crisis in North Korea is averted because once he decided to come in, everyone on the team is in agreement for the plan for the international government to go forward.

There is now a diplomatic solution that ends wars, and so no nation can ever again wage war. The diplomatic solution involves everyone working together to create the international government, where everyone is treated fairly and equally, and disputes are settled in court rather than the battlefield.

You cannot get your life by judging people, but you can get your life by taking aggressors to court, and allow the dispute to be judged!"

Things happen first on the spiritual level, then progress to the mental level, then the physical level. Nothing starts out just by doing it. Before each of us is born, we work together as a soul group to solve a problem. We make soul agreements with our Creator, and when we are born, we promptly forget--that is not the case with the children who are being born now, because they remember Heaven--but our Creator gently guides us to follow through on the plan. Then, when people reach the point where we remember the idea, one person takes the idea to the mental level, and that person creates a plan that benefits everyone. Finally, working through the karmic lessons, once everyone everyone agrees to work together, then the plan progresses to the physical level. This is how creativity works.

I have to modify our Track Our Progress planning. I apologize for the inconvenience, but somehow I can't keep from smiling.