Tuesday, April 14, 2020

What About Antibody Tests?

If our theory about where viruses come from, specifically the Covid 19 virus,  is correct, antibody tests will demonstrate that people can be reinfected. The tests are not wrong. The demographics of the virus must change. The schism that is tearing apart the planet triggered the pandemic, and it continues to tear people apart. In the United States, the strain of the Covid 19 virus will continue to flare up again and again as the scoundrels play their power games, and the months leading up to the November elections will be particularly bad. 

Mankind is facing a series of existential threats. The existing structure is proving it cannot solve the problems. It is based on plans that do not address the root cause of the crisis so the crises keep getting worse. Plans, including laws, are based on misunderstandings, power grabs, and compromise. If you know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process, you can find the solution. 

Climate change was met with many people around the world working together to create a plan to protect the environment, but then there was the backlash from those who function for their own interests. It is time for the environmentalists to take their plan to the next level, and that is to work together to create an international structure that protects the environment. If you take all the people who see the potential of the proposed international government to enable all people to function on a higher level, the tide has turned.
The contingency for our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal is that the people of the United States must amend the US Constitution to create the international government. The proposal first came out in 2003. What has been the response? The preemptive strike went forward and the Iraq War devolved as a genocide, and the ripples of effects have gone out to draw in every person on the planet in some way. The tide has not  yet turned, even when the existing structure dragged mankind to the brink of nuclear war. The official US foreign policy is Maximum Pressure. The United States didn't choose to do what is in everyone's best interest. The US government chose to go down into the power games. When someone chooses to go down into the games, eventually he or she must face their fears. 

The World Peace Movement has started. How can anyone honestly say we must wage war? Once enough people see the opportunity to function on a higher level, the pendulum starts to swing the other direction. 

To pass the antibody test and have complete immunity, the person must be able to see a way out of the crisis. He or she must see the third option that allows everyone to function on a higher level. 

People die when they believe they cannot get their life, so everyone must be able to get their life, one of the unalienable rights we have given to us by our Creator. Anyone who denies another their unalienable rights, under Universal law, loses theirs. This is what happened to the United States when we denied the Iraqi people their unalienable rights, and now to get them back again, we must guarantee them to every person on the planet. We can no longer claim that we are One Nation, Under God, because we are no longer standing on the principles of Universal Law.