Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Building the Foundation for the International Government

Creating an international government is a huge endeavor, like building a skyscraper, and mankind must start to build the foundation for it, one block at a time. Imagine that the idea has been introduced and everyone agrees to the plan, and the proposals are now like the pile of blocks at the construction site. It takes someone with experience to set the blocks into place. This is the role our organization plays. We represent the architects.

The first block sets the future building in a particular place and orientation. Mankind exists in a continuum of frequency, and can function on a very high level or low. For the plan to succeed, it must function on a very high level.  Our goal is that the international government will last one thousand years, and mankind must evolve out of it. 

Power games are very low frequency, and, generally speaking, the world leaders rose to the level of power they did by playing power games. The games are oppressive to the people. 

The first issue we are addressing is where true power comes from. If the world leaders come together to create the international government at our conference, will they jockey for power by taking their games to the lower level, or will they be statesmen and stateswomen and work  together diligently to address what must be addressed during the first conference? 

It will take the next twenty years to create the international government. The first issue we address enables the creation on an international court system based on the plan so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the  battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to support the people, instead.

As Confucius would say, "The longest journey starts with one step." 

Let's get started.