Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Walk the Rainbow

The plan for the international government has been introduced, and many people see it as the solution, but how to create it is the question.

The first eight proposals have been introduced and opened to debate, but before they will be accepted, everyone must understand the principles and the application of the principles, and take the steps of the planning process.

To create the plan for the international government, mankind must Walk the Rainbow.

The first step of the long journey to world peace is not to come together at a summit to hash out the details of the plan. Many people still rely on the old structure, which is based on games of one-manship. Imagine that the vast majority of people are still relying on the games, and only two people on the planet see the potential of the plan to bring world peace. The others see the plan as their grand opportunity to get their life on a higher level, and are jockeying for power, or are too busy dealing with their own issues to pay any attention.

People must be squeezed to participate, and the squeezing action comes when they realize the games they have played don't work anymore. They face the backlashes from the games.

This occurred within the United States with the preemptive strike on Iraq. George W. Bush played the regime change game, which to that point seemed to work, but because it was played on an innocent man--there were  no WMD, so Saddam Hussein was attempting to comply with U.N. sanctions--the games backlashed, and the preemptive strike was perceived as a power grab, and instead of gaining power, prestige and control of natural resources, he started a civil war, and ripples of effects went out from the conflict to draw in every person on the planet.

Many people still think the United States was justified in toppling Saddam Hussein. This created a schism between nations and within nations. This time period is known as Armageddon. When one person stands on the principles, it threatens the security and support of those who rely on that person, and they do down through a series of battles, known as the Battles of Armageddon. When the battles occur within a family, it tears apart the marriage. When the two people are leaders of sovereign nations, Armageddon tears apart the planet.

Each side's perspective is valid, but to end the conflict, a new plan must unify people again and address conflict resolution. That new plan must enable everyone to get the life they want, including their financial support and security.

This is not that difficult to understand. Compare the process to overcoming alcoholism or drug addiction. Many successful results are based on 12-step programs. On The Rainbow's catalog is the same process, but it is 22 steps and they carry the person in crisis all the way to the point where he or she is not only out of the crisis, but creating the life he or she wants--which is something that alcohol and drugs cannot do. Relying on them to get the life one wants leads to crisis.

This is very difficult to understand. Compare being an alcoholic or drug addict and taking the long journey out of the abyss. Every person on the planet plays the power games, and every person on the planet will be Walking the Rainbow for many years.

One idea at a time must permeate the collective consciousness of mankind; the ideas must go viral. The solution is not social media, which doesn't expect anyone to change his or her belief structures or behavior, but the books--channeled messages on how to overcome any crisis.

Each proposal has one page of On The Rainbow's catalog. The first proposal is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, which leads to the creation of an international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in a legitimate court system based on Universal Law. At this time, every person on the planet has been exposed to Universal Law. To base it on any other concept--such as Sharia Law, or even the U.S. legal system--will only lead to oppressive power games and protest.

Before the U.S. Constitution will be accepted as the basis for the international government, certain practices that have created chaos in the system must be addressed, and that includes foreign policy decisions, such as regime change. The U.S. legal system must be purified to prevent the chaos from spreading onto the international level.  Power games no longer work.

While each individual Walks the Rainbow to overcome the effects of the games, the nations will, too.

Karen Holmes,