Friday, April 29, 2016

The Elephant in the Room

Don't look now but there is an elephant in the room. It is huge and it won't go away until everyone recognizes that it is there.

I know no one wants to see that elephant in the room, but elephants are notorious for being hard to sweep under the proverbial rug. I am pointing it out because I want world peace to come, and for world peace to come, the elephant must go.

The proverbial elephant in the room is the issue that there were no WMD found in Iraq, and therefore, Saddam Hussein was considered innocent of the charges against him.

I understand that for some people, recognizing that elephant will be difficult, because they will have to assume responsibility for their role in inviting the elephant into the room, but ripples of effects have gone out from the character defamation campaign against Saddam Hussein, and they have affected every person on the planet. This is an issue that should be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, it must be addressed to stop the ripples. Character defamation is an individual form of genocide, and the knee-jerk reaction that stops a war makes a genocide worse, so unless this issue is recognized, the crisis will continue to get worse.

Our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal allows mankind to recognize the crisis and work together to end it. We are looking at what triggered the crisis, the power games related to revenge and how revenge works and why it doesn't work. Where true power comes from. How to overcome the effects of the crisis. We are creating a protocol that prevents this global from occurring again.

The existing structure has proven it cannot end or prevent wars and global genocides. Our goal is the creation of an international court system based on the creation of an international government so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield. The monies now wasted on war will go to support the people instead and help to end poverty, and hopefully trigger a global renaissance. It will also save a lot of lives.

For the next month, we are going to look at the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and how to undo the damage that has been done.

Karen Holmes,