Sunday, April 3, 2016

Postcards are all inclusive to ensure highest end result

Letters are addressed to the ambassadors in Washington, DC, and each month new ambassadors are posted. The plan for the international government doesn't always trickle down to the embassy staff. They attend parties, too, and are just as likely to talk about events that interest everyone, including speculation about the creation of the international government.

The solution to get everyone in the Washington, DC diplomatic community involved in the debate is our Track Our Progress postcards.

Our website gives our organization an online presence, but our blogs give constant updates. By just looking at our website, it gives the appearance that we are making very little progress. That is not the case at all. The plan is huge, and expect it to evolve over the next twenty years--slowly and in perfect order.

The Track Our Progress postcards announce two blogs, this one for updates on the international government, and the Track Our Progress blog allows us to tell the story within our organization so the ambassadors can understand how to apply what we are doing on the international level--or to not do what we are doing because they see what is occurring from their wider perspective.

The same thing will occur as the international government evolves. The plan is based on the U.S. Constitution, so we Americans have a real "feel" for how the international government will work. People from other nations don't have a true picture of how our government functions, and probably make assumptions that are not true. When the idea is debated, America can talk about how we have done it in the past, but then others will take the idea higher by adding new perspectives, overcoming our shortfalls. With everyone on the planet involved in the debate, we have an international government that has the potential to last a thousand years. Mankind must evolve out of it.

The widest perspective possible is what we are hoping to achieve with the creation of the international government, and that includes perspectives that one would not normally include. Our proposals and books are channeled by entities like the spiritual hierarchy--by God, the Creator of us all-- and the past kings, queens and presidents of different nations, and they will return to speak from their own experience to ensure that the international government functions on the highest level possible. Don't be surprised at who shows up in the debate.