Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Don't assume that anyone is telling you the truth about world peace

The plan for world peace was introduced at the prayer circle, and everyone assumed responsibility for a project. The project for the creation of the international government is the responsibility of only two people, and they have not yet met each other. Only enough information has been introduced to open the ideas to debate.

Imagine that Leonardo DaVinci has just finished his remarkable drawing of a flying machine. Beware the person who tries to sell you tickets!

The overview concept teaches the principles to the next level of people, known as the Flower of Life level, and they draw people into the projects and teach the same principles to the people they draw into the framework. The project ideas go from the most general to the most specific. 

At this time, only the first two people on the planet see the wider perspective. They are working on the most general idea from their own area of expertise--they are channels and spiritual teachers. Those who listen to the channeled insights and who think globally are next; the small children are willing to listen and learn because they remember Heaven, and trust those who remember Heaven, too. Everyone else is grabbing for power, or afraid of letting go of what they need to let go of to participate. Some people are ripping others apart and others are being victimized in the attempt to prevent the plan for going forward. 

No one has the right to speak for someone else's project. 

Generally speaking, there is a line that has formed, based on who listens to who. The children listen to the channels. One of their parents listen to the children, mostly likely the mother, and one of the grandparents listens to them--most likely the grandfather. Then, the adult males of the family listen to the grandfather because they are trying to create a  sense of wealth... You see how this goes?  The people who listen to the young males are those older men who grew up and never were able to create a solid financial foundation, and they admire the young men for their capacity and opportunity. They joined the conspiracy to pirate the plan as part of a get-rich quick scheme.  Finally, there are the pirates who everyone who equates power and audacity believe are the ones who should be the heads of the organization. The last people to understand anything about the plan for world peace are getting revenge on everyone because they believe the plan for world peace is simple and logical, and they are functioning outside of their capacity because they believe their capacity now is on weaving an illusion. They are waging war and genocide, and enslaving others because they think they can outsmart everyone. 

The pirates are the last people to come into the framework, not the first. 

Our organization has project ideas for everyone, but right now there are many misunderstandings about who has the power and the right to introduce the plan for world peace. Our projects and segments of the organization allow all these people to come into the framework, but first we must address how revenge works and why it doesn't work. Then, and we are also looking at how Relative Time works, which involves the end of the opportunities for people to get their life on a higher level. The fears associated with the end of the opportunities is making people vulnerable to the predations of those who function for their own interests. 

Speaking now on the international level, the world leaders know about the plan and assumed they could start to make win-win agreements, such as the Iran nuclear deal. The international government must make trade agreements and security agreements. That must come first. Don't assume anyone has the same goal yet, including joining the plan for world peace. Each of the nations is somewhere along the continuum of frequency, and may be trying to sell tickets on flying machines that don't exist yet.