Sunday, May 22, 2016

Turning Mankind Around

Mars is bright in the nighttime sky now. The ancients knew that whenever Mars came on the horizon, there would be war.  Those who believe war is the solution to the crises we are facing have the power now. Not a good time to debate a plan for world peace--or maybe it is the best time to do so.

The conflict in Iraq devolved as a genocide, not a war, and the knee-jerk reaction that ends a war makes a genocide worse. By listening to the war-mongers, the conflict will get much worse.

Mankind is 180 degrees from where he thinks he is. Something must turn mankind around to get us back on track. 

While waging war seems to be the solution, you cannot get your life by waging war. It will only make things worse, and it becomes a quagmire--a dilemma. Mankind always has three choices, but during times of crisis, your perspective narrows to the point where you only see two options and both are untenable. Like a drowning man pushing away a lifeguard, when you realize you can't do it by yourself, you must let go of your struggles and allow someone who sees the wider perspective to assume responsibility. 

The question then is who has the capacity to help you? You have another three choices, and by choosing to go down into the power games, you make your own crisis worse, not better. 

As it says in our World Peace Marketing Strategy, people must be squeezed to join the framework based on the cooperation of nature. 

The first nation to come in will be the United States. By waging war against ISIS, the crisis can only get worse. Only two options are evident, and both are untenable. One is to continue to be squeezed, and the other is to fight. The third option is not evident, and that is to do what is in everyone's best interest, and to support the plan for the international government.

The idea has been opened to debate amongst the world leaders, and everyone likes the idea. The U.S. government likes the idea, but it is another thing to set aside your own agenda and work to make the changes necessary to create your own part of the plan. 

The first change is to open the plan to debate within the United States.  This places the choice back into the hands of the people. It is offering the people of the United States, and therefore the entire planet, the third option to go up and to function on a higher level. 

The difference between Heaven and Hell is that in Heaven there is a solution to your crisis.

Once the idea is open to debate, everyone will start to consider what we want to keep and what we want to leave behind. We will refine the idea of world peace in our own thinking. 

Step by step, mankind will start to turn around from war-based thinking to peace-based thinking.