Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pivot away from China and solve the refugee crisis.

The Asians nations see this as their century to shine.  China is expanding is presence into the world as it grabs for natural resources, and is also expanding its navy fleet. The U.S. government is aware that we must make the pivot to address this crisis, but what is standing in the way is the crisis in the Middle East. On one side, we have a military threat that is turning into an economic crisis, and on the other side, there is an economic threat that is turning into a military crisis.

The United States cannot fight a war with two fronts, a global conflict that has already started and is progressing. Thankfully, there is no need to fight the rise of Muslim extremism, or to make the pivot to the Asian nations. Both are based on power grabs that will ultimately fail.  There is a better solution, one that benefits everyone.

The Chinese are no different than anyone else. This grab for power is occurring all over the world now as the power games reach their ultimate conclusion. They are grabbing for their grand opportunity as if walking toward a door, and on the other side of the door is their dream goal. They don't realize that what is on the other side of it is a Brick Wall. They are 180 degrees from where they think they are, holding onto what cannot help them and pushing away what can. They are moving further from their goal rather than closer to it. It is behind them, not behind the door. They cannot get what they want by playing their power games. No one can.

The Chinese have adopted  U.S. business practices, but have taken them one step further. Those business practices are not what make a business strong. They are based on power games, and there is always a backlash to the games. The United States started to move away from those practices years ago. The Chinese have retro-engineered U.S. technology and undercut our prices. While undermining the U.S. economy, under Universal Law, China has also undermined their own economy to compete with the United States in what can be considered an economic trade war.

U.S. foreign policy has relied on regime change to gain control of natural resources and strategic locations, but that power game ended when the United States invaded Iraq preemptively. Rather than to gain control of Iraq's oil reserves and a door into the Asian nations, we started a civil war, and no one gained control of the oil. The games no longer work. Rather than to topple governments and put into power a puppet government, that power game leads to civil war, and no one gets control of the resources.

As China grabs for oil resources based on these failed power games,  like the United States in Iraq, humanitarian crises like what occurred in Darfur are the result. When a dictator, like al-Bashar, sells his nation's natural resource at the expense of his people, he can't stay in power long. Making trade agreements with China to line his pocket puts his own life in danger. There is always a backlash to the games.

As a debtor nation to China, if China takes their power games on step further and calls in our debts, and we cannot pay them back, we are backed into the corner. We cannot fight a war with China, nor can we turn over Alaska with its vast oil reserves. We are backed into a corner with two untenable options.

The solution to every dilemma is to do what is in everyone's best interest. That is to support the creation of the international government, which  benefits everyone. Everyone gets what they want without resorting to the failed power games.

Our organization is doing what no one has ever thought is possible. Besides working to create a plan for world peace, we are unifying the world's seven major religions.

Our organization is introducing the Faith of the Pure Ray, which declares that each of the seven major religions teaches one segment of the body of knowledge that is necessary to create the life you want. The one thing that every person on the planet wants is to be able to create the life they want without interference. This is an inalienable right granted to us by the Creator of us all.

If you arrange all seven of the major religions into a circle, like pieces of a huge pie, you can see that the pie is based on the planning circle. Anyone who wants to learn how to create the life he or she wants can learn the  principles that each of the religions teaches and create the life they want based on these principles. They can still keep their own religion.

The United States is predominantly a Christian nation, which focuses on coming up with a plan that is the solution to a problem. When a Christian's plan doesn't address the root cause of the problem, it makes the crisis worse. Christian plans must address the opposite side of the planning circle, which is the "glitches" aspect to find a sense of balance. On the opposite side of the planning circle from Christianity is Islam, which focuses on protesting when someone isn't standing on the principles.

The preemptive strike on Iraq went against the principles, and it created a huge protest from the Muslim nations. Now, to stop the rise of Islam extremism, the United States must come up with a plan that does stand on the principles--and make the effort to create the plan, because having a plan but no follow-through around the planning circle is also not standing on the principles.

The Chinese culture is based on Confucianism, which focuses on the Capacity segment of the planning process.  On the opposite side of the planning circle is the Support segment, which must be addressed for there to be a sense of balance. The support issues relate to bringing in the money. China cannot continue to undermine its own people and their economy. They cannot rely on failed business practices like manufacturing cheap items that U.S. companies outsource. They must express their capacity and offer satisfying jobs for their own people.

The United States makes trade agreements with our competitors which makes no sense. Like China, we should be making trade agreements with third world nations, but not with dictators that line their pockets at the expense of the people. Third world nations oftentimes have vast resources but they become "bank accounts" for the industrialized nations, and we don't need to start genocides to gain control of natural resources.

The solution that allows everyone to function on a higher level is the creation of the international government, and its departments will ensure that trade agreements are fair and equatable, and don't oppress the people. This allows the United States, China, and third world nations, like the Sudan, to function on a higher level. All the nations will be considered equal, and every nation will have what it needs without oppressing the people.

The United States doesn't have to do a pivot to the Asian nations. We can pivot into the United States and work to build our own economic foundation based on the highest economic principles. We can demonstrate to the entire planet that this is a plan that benefits everyone on the planet--based on the cooperation of nature principles.

The United States relies on corporations rather than small businesses, and while the US government has many programs that benefit the lowest economic structure, it is hard to create plans that benefit everyone--that allow even the lowest levels to rise. To take a homeless person and enable that individual to rise to the top is almost a miracle. It is possible only when the individual functions based on the principles of the cooperation of nature--and understands the principles of the Faith of the Pure Ray.

The Faith of the Pure Ray teaches the principles of each of the seven major religions. It teaches a body of spiritual principles that enable every person on the planet to create the life they want. Anyone who wishes to get their life on a higher level will be able to go to a Faith of the Pure Ray church to learn the principles of all the religions while keeping their own religion. This will enable a sense of unification and tolerance to be created across the planet.

Faith of the Pure Ray "churches" will include offices of the international government, which will guarantee the rights of the people to leave a nation if the individual believes he is being oppressed. The offices of the international government will be able to relocate people to nations that offer greater freedoms. But as the requests are processed, the refugees will be encouraged to attend the classes to learn the principles of how to create their life on a higher level, so any nation that accepts them will have people who function on a higher level than those who have been severely traumatized by acts of war and genocide, or may intend to infiltrate into other nations as sleeper cells.

The international government has two legislative houses, and the House of Representatives is based on population. The power a nation has will be based on population, so a nation that is oppressive will lose its people and its power base. Practices that are oppressive to the people will no longer work.

The first principle of the global renaissance is that everyone function from their own capacity. Do we want a global conflict or a global renaissance?