Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Source

The plan for the international government appears to be simple and logical, and it is, but creating an international government is like building a huge sky scraper. Everyone must have a clear idea of the overall plan, and do their part, and understand what others have done before they move forward on their own part.

The plan must progress slowly and in perfect order. It will take twenty years for it to be completed.

The source of the plan and the planning expert is a seventh dimensional entity named Seth. He is famous for his work as a spiritual teacher through a channel, named Jane Roberts, and together they taught that you create your own reality. Together, they sold over seven million books, which are still popular today, and considered classics of spiritual teachings. 

Seth is not solely responsible for the idea. He is one of a twelve-pointed star, and each is responsible for one segment of the plan for world peace. They have one billion people working with them on the other side, each doing their part, including Jane Roberts, who passed away in the 1980s.  The idea is now progressing to the third dimension. 

Because they are doing what is in everyone's best interest, they have the blessings of God, the Creator of us all. With God's blessing, the plan has all the resources available to us and everyone is involved with the creation of the international government. There are no obstacles when you are doing what is in everyone's best interest.

 Seth works through many channels--probably twelve-- but will only write books and proposals through one person--Karen Holmes, whose spiritual name is Suzeranda Melchizedek. The organization is incorporated under the name Seth and Suzeranda Corporation. 

The idea for the international government was stolen and participation was offered to the potential independent members of the organization. At this time, the organization only has one independent members and hundreds of affiliate members in 85 nations. 

You cannot copyright an idea, especially the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature, and many people have come up with the same idea in the past. But, this plan is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, which is based on making win-win agreements. The pirates may seem to be connected to the source, but Seth will not channel any additional proposals-sixty in all--until everyone is willing to stand on the principles. The pirated concept will continue to fade away, because it does not have the blessing from God, and therefore doesn't have the resources it needs to be built. 

Some people function entirely on the third dimension and do not recognize the role God, the Creator of us all, plays.  Everything starts on the spiritual level and progresses to the mental and then to the physical. The spiritual level is having the dream to do something, but then imagine building a skyscraper without blueprints, the funding, and trying to do it by yourself.  The dream to do something allows the individual to fulfill their purpose in life, and to absolve all karmic debt. 

The principles the organization stands on create a framework of projects, and the organization is like the first project. To bring in the people, Seth and Karen Holmes introduced the ideas for fifty innovative projects. The project ideas were also pirated, but without the connection to the source, the ideas have remained just ideas. We have just enough information to open the ideas to debate, and that proves our intent not to leave anyone out of the debate. Seth will not return to offer additional information until three channels are willing to work together, and they must work with Karen Holmes, as part of her organization. 

At first, the pirates seemed to have all the power to create the plan and the projects, but their power base is collapsing. By preventing the others from working on their projects, they don't have project ideas, either. They are breaking Universal Law, and facing the backlashes. 

The lesson everyone is learning is that you cannot get your life by breaking Universal Law.