Sunday, November 20, 2016

The First Principle of the Global Renaissance

Many people who voted for Donald Trump to become president of the United States did so because they believe he has the capacity to once again bring a sense of prosperity to their lives. Donald Trump is a businessman who has wielded vast sums of money, but has no prior government experience and is therefore functioning outside of his capacity. He may have reached the top of the power mountain now but time will tell if he will demonstrate that you cannot get the life you want by functioning outside of your capacity, even if you are president of the United States.

Being president of the United States is not your life. Equating two ideas gets you into trouble. If you lose the election, will you also lose your life?

Two of Trump's predecessors to make it to the top of the power mountain but were functioning outside of their capacity were George W. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI. Neither man really understood why they met with fierce resistance.

The backbone of every economy is small business, and the first principles of the global renaissance is creating a cash flow based on your talents and gifts. The global economy under the proposed international government will be based on every nation making win-win agreements based on natural resources, and every individual based on talents and gifts. At this time, many people, like many of the Trump supporters, function outside their capacity, and now it is time to transition into a new way to function economically.

Win-win agreements are not compromise. With compromise both sides must sacrifice something, and the deal will eventually breed resistance. Win-win agreements involve giving only what benefits you to give, and you get back something far greater in return. This is where sharing one's talents and gifts leads to win-win agreements, because they are so easy to share. Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreements, and you are unlimited as to what you can create.

How many nations are trapped in a sense of poverty? Bringing the lowest economic levels into the global renaissance is possible because every person is born with talents and gifts, and can also become part of the global renaissance.