Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bringing in the Sociopaths

For world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to create his or her life, but it cannot come by playing the power games. As we introduce the plan for the international government, it must be able to solve the problems to be able to bring people into the framework that is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature.

The plan has been introduced, and it benefits everyone, but first it must address how to deal with those who function entirely for their own interests. We are working to bring into the plan the widest ends of the continuum of mankind., and the way to do that is by bringing together the highest and lowest levels of society--those that everyone would agree have the greatest power with those that have the least amount of power.

This same concept will occur over and over again, when  there is a crisis and the existing structure sees no solution, and the person who is responsible for finding the solution is looking only within in the mainstream society. The solution is someone who has the solution and it is outside mainstream thinking and so he or she has been left out of society.

The symbol of the Star of David consists of two equilateral triangles, and they oppose each other. One is pointed down and the other is pointed up and they make a star. This is a symbol of the Jewish religion, and is associated with genocides. To end a genocide, the Star of David must become an hour-glass shape. The two triangles come together so that there are no upper and lower points. Mankind evolves when the solution benefits everyone and it goes mainstream.

The president of the United States is oftentimes considered the most powerful person on the planet, but not because of military might. Power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done. Our nation is the overview concept, a melting pot of cultures, and because of that, we have a wider perspective than other nations, and assume responsibility for solving the problems around the world. That backfires on us for several reasons.

The lowest point is the person who has the solution that benefits everyone. When person at the top point and the bottom point come together--it makes a win-win agreement that benefits everyone. The power games continue until an innocent person is crucified--sacrificed--and when the person who has the solution that benefits everyone is sacrificed, the power games are over.

The plan for world peace reached the level of the world leaders several years ago, and they all know about the plan. Many of the world leaders rose to the position of president of their nation through grabs for power, and as the United Nations became "irrelevant"--Kofi Annan declared that George W. Bush make the United Nations irrelevant in his farewell speech--they saw the opportunity to grab for power to see who would be the next superpower. We, as a planet, are dealing with the sociopaths who believe they are unstoppable, outside the law, and function entirely for their own interests.

The sociopaths who are running the planet are "white witches" who keep the land always in winter, and never Christmas, characters in C.S. Lewis's Narnia Series. With his remarkable allegorical stories, we now know how to overcome the White Witch.

The sociopaths may have risen to power by playing the games, but by tearing apart a plan that benefits everyone, including them, they cannot demonstrate their capacity to outsmart everyone else. They have outsmarted themselves.

It is in no one's best interest for a sociopath to take over the planet--to become emperor of the planet. It is not even in the best interests of the sociopath to become emperor of the planet.

Sociopaths are the allegorical devil, someone who drags you backwards in your progress, and how he or she does that is by outsmarting you. This is the power game of Lust, and it is one of the five power games associated with the act of revenge. They are brought into the revenge by those who are playing the game of Greed. If you can take something from someone, you can own them.

Devils--sociopaths-- have nothing, and this is why they do what they do. Their reason for joining in the revenge is because what they want is a combination of a voice and abundance. Their games backlash on them, because you cannot get a voice and a sense of abundance by being brutal. The ultimate conclusion of the game of Lust is that he or she is entirely alone.