Wednesday, November 30, 2016

To Iraqi Ambassador Lukman Faily

Today in the Reuters website, there is an article "Sunni tribesmen battling Islamic State demand federalism in Iraq." There is a way to unite Iraq.

The Iraqi constitution has serious flaws. The purpose of a constitution is to create a government, and must be something that is unchanging, and changed only when the people evolve out of it. What is changeable is the laws that are put into it. Your constitution does not unite Iraq, but creates divisions within the country and without. Your constitution sets into place a parliamentary form of government, which can be controlled by outside forces. It does not guarantee a sovereign Iraq.

Like the United States, fearing a strong king or dictator, initially established a weak central government. It takes a strong central government to unite the country, but it must guarantee the inalienable rights of the people, which are to live their lives without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in their government. You can see how your constitution does not guarantee to every Iraqi these rights, and why the Sunnis are calling for a stronger federal government.

The solution is to support the plan for the international government. Our first proposal is an Exit Strategy for Iraq that enables the United States to withdraw from Iraq, and a court case between one of Saddam Hussein's lieutenants and George W. Bush. In the United States, when there is a dispute between the states, they go to court. Why not do this on the international level?

After the mediation and court case, which enables the creation of a system courts all over the planet, we have a proposal that enables Iraq to create this new federal government. The United States and our organization will not advise you one how to do it, we hope to work with the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is one step ahead of you in creating both a national and an international government after years of what is basically a genocide. They will mentor you, and once we have proven our intent, we will work with you, at your request.

The executive summaries for both proposals and the planning can be found on our website, at and in the Track Our Progress section.

I can be reached at, and will be happy to answer your questions. I encourage you to speak to President Obama about this, too, and John Kerry, because even out of office they can participate in the process to bring peace to the Middle East.