Sunday, November 27, 2016

There must be some reason for the judgment

Governments play a very important role in protecting and providing for the people, but they are their own worst enemy in solving the crises when they leave the people out of the solution. 

Every person on the planet has a lifetime of experience and wisdom about how to solve problems. When we see a crisis--a dark cloud on the horizon--we stand up and speak. 

But, everyone has an opinion, and in this time of global communication through social media, everyone is expressing their opinions in every possible way. 

The problem is that governments--and people in general-- rely on those who don't know how to solve the problems to do so. It is easier to turn over responsibility to those who are credible experts in their fields, but the last point of the crisis is coming to the understanding that you have turned responsibility for your life over to someone who cannot solve the problems. How do you get it back again? The experts can solve general problems in their fields, but have probably followed the crisis that seems to have no solution step by step, too, and their perspectives have narrowed also to the point where they don't see the solution. 

The mainstream crises and their solutions are there in the mainstream, but when the crisis seems to have no solution, that is when we get down on our knees and pray for guidance, and that is when we must figure out the root cause of the crisis and then go through the planning process to create a project that benefits everyone. 

Oftentimes it takes someone outside the field to understand the solution because their perspective is wider. The widest perspective possible is that of our Creator.  

In previous posts I talked about the symbol of the Star of David, and how it has been used as a symbol of genocide, and this morning, I would like to explain why that is.

The two opposing triangles represent the people who have the authority and responsibility and those who have the solutions. The people associated with the triangle that is pointing up are looking for solutions, and those that are the triangle that points down have the understanding of the problem but have no voice. 

Imagine that if you say that God told you how to bring world peace, how many people would believe that? Wouldn't it be easier to rely on the United Nations? It is only when the United Nations has proven it can't bring peace that those who have the authority and responsibility to bring peace turn to other solutions. 

The problem solvers reside at the very bottom point of the Star of David. We are outside of mainstream society, which lives between the horizontal lines. We have no voice. We stand on the principles but because we don't fit into mainstream society, people fear us. We are different. We are judged by those who have the credibility, but don't have the solution. The sense of judgment is what leads to genocides. No one has the right to judge another. 

When we stand on the principles, it threatens those who rely on the existing structure for their security and support. A series of battles, called the Battles of Armageddon, follow. Included in the series of battles is a sense of judgment, betrayal and sacrifice.  

Mainstream society is evolving from right to left, and the parallel horizontal lines of the two triangles are those who don't know how to solve the problem but have the credibility to do so. At the extreme opposite point, at the very top of the Star, is the person who has the power, the responsibility and authority to find the solution to the crisis, but is also outside of mainstream society. When the two come together, it collapses the Star and it becomes an hourglass shape.  

In regards to world peace, the world leaders turn to their military advisers to offer the solution, and they can solve mainstream problems, but they cannot bring peace. That does not address the root cause of the crisis, which are the power games governments and people play that are so oppressive to the people. 

When we stand in protest, our voices are not regarded unless we come up with a plan that benefits everyone, but our must be in existence and solving the problems already for it to be accepted. 

It is so much easier to rely on mainstream society to solve the problems, and leave out the voices that know how to solve problems but they are being judged by those who seem to have the solutions.