Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The going away and the coming back

This morning, the Washington Post is running an article, "Donald Trump's First Attempt to Ignore the Law." How he is able to do that that is by addressing the letter of the law rather than the intent of the law, which is what George W. Bush did to justify the preemptive strike on Iraq to the United Nations.

The letter of the law is the narrower perspective, and does not stand on the principles. The law gets "watered down" and further from what the founding fathers intended, and by relying on it as precedent, which is what those who followed the Bush agenda have done, the legal system drifts away and contradictory laws are written. The U.S. Supreme Court decides whether a law is constitutional to bring it back to its original intent, but that can be watered down, too, if the Supreme Court has drifted away from Universal Law.

This applies to everything. In court, in marriages, in businesses, we believe we are standing on the principles, but there should be no contradiction possible if we are standing on the principles of Universal Law.

Christians declare there is a Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but that is because the Mother concept was omitted millennia ago. The Christian church was watered down, and drifted away from the original intent. Religion is a cultural interpretation of Universal Law. The original intent of our Creator Parents is to unify the planet, and it is our nature, based on fears and misunderstandings that separate us from our Creator.

We are all part of the Universe, and the Universe has three levels. The Father level is the Principles and pegs everything on a particular level. The Mother is the Power, and she decides which direction you go from that point. The Son is the Project, and that is what the Father and the Mother create.

The first book that Seth and I channeled was "A Manual for Peace," and in the first chapter Seth explains the concept of the Alpha and the Omega. Mankind has drifted away from God.. We have not stood on the principles of Universal Law, and now we are addressing returning to the original intent. We are overcoming our fears that led to the narrower perspective.

In "A Manual for the One World Government," Seth explains that laws must be simplified, purified and clarified to prevent them from being contradictory. That book will accompany the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal and explain the application of the principles. The book is half done now. The second half of the book Seth will answer questions.

Each proposal has six booklets that explain the principles of the proposal, a trade book that explains the application of the principles, and a triad of minibooks that explain the planning stage so the project can be forward.