Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Garden of Eden as Metaphor

A recent news release declared that scientists believe they have discovered the location of the Garden of Eden in southern Iraq. It is hard to know for sure because the Garden of Eden existed so long ago in our history that is is myth. We don't know if Adam and Eve really existed, and what the true story was.

The ancient teachings are coming back again, and the Garden of Eden is more than a location. It is a metaphor for the Cooperation of Nature, and it is the basis for the economic foundation of the proposed international government. The principles our organization stands on create a framework of projects and events and proposals, and everyone on the planet is invited to participate in the framework. But, like the Holy Grail, to be able to enter into the Garden of Eden requires you to let go of the power games that drove mankind out of it in the first place.

Nature has functioned perfectly for billions of years, but it was Leonardo de Pisa, known as Fibonacci, and Italian mathematician, who is credited with discovering the mathematical relationships of nature. He realized that nature is based on every part of it making win-win agreements to get what it needs.

vesica picis

  The vesica picis is a symbol of a win-win agreement. Each side shares what is easy to share, and gets more in return. Each win-win agreement builds trust and sets the stage for future agreements.

With each future agreements, you multiply your efforts 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times, and there is no limit as what what you can create.

Our first government proposal is between the United States and Iraq. Under the United Nations Oil for Food program, which was based on sanctions, Iraq had to turn over oil to get food, which sounded like a win-win agreement, but it left Iraq's economy in collapse. A better solution is based on allowing Iraq to allow the departments of the proposed international government to make fair and equitable trade agreements, with the departments making sure that every nation's natural resources are protected, and that the income goes to benefit the people of every nation.

Flower of Life pattern
The Flower of Life pattern is established when everyone is working together, sharing their talents and gifts, and the nations are sharing natural resources, and with everyone working together, a global renaissance is possible, and all the world's resources are available. With shared research, solutions to every crisis is possible.

World peace is based on a grassroots movement. Grass spreads through its roots and through seeds. We have projects to enable the start of the roots path, called "U.S. Survival Cards," and the seeds aspect is our fifty innovative project ideas.

Where does this start? Our organization will introduce the principles at the Oxford and Stonehenge event, which is part of the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal.

Mankind was driven out of the ancient Garden of Eden, but now it is possible to be part of it again. This is an evolutionary fifth dimensional concept, and everyone is welcome to be part of it, but you leave yourself out by refusing to stand on the principles.