Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Time to Move Forward

As the world leaders have jockeyed for power to see who will be the next superpower, three things are becoming apparent. 

The first is that the world leaders are losing power because they aren't able to solve the problems. They have taken their power games, the ones that gave them all their power, to the next level, but their games can't solve the problems associated with a pandemic, and the ripples of effects that have gone out from each of the crises. 

The second is that the existing structure isn't able to solve the problems, either. The existing structure is based on misunderstandings, compromises, and grabs for power, and because the plans do not address the root cause of the crisis, the crises are getting worse. 

The third thing is that this is a global crisis and it is creating a sense of equality in the world. Everyone is in crisis, whether it is health, economic, support, family, security or tolerance. That sense of equality is what enables mankind to move forward out of the abyss, because that is the principle that ends conflict, and it also opposed the plan segment on the planning circle. The Crisis in the Family segment of the planning circle creates the rationale for a plan. 

The first step in moving forward is conflict resolution, and that is where we are with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, and the first stage in the planning process for this proposal is to bring together the professional publishing team.. 

The global economy is in crisis, and opening it too soon only places more lives at risk. Which business can be safely opened? How about a business that publishes channeled books from God on how to overcome any crisis? That sets the stage for all the channels--the prophets-- to come together to establish crisis centers, which is the first stage of the US Constitutional Amendment proposal planning. The books explain the principles, the application of the principles and the planning stages for each of the proposals. 

Before the professional publishing team comes together, the bridge between the government proposals and the books are the newsletters, and the first is World Peace Newsletter. Each has a government proposal.

As the world leaders have jockeyed for power to see who will be the next superpower, the question mankind is facing is where true power comes from. Does it come from having money? A secret weapon or the world's strongest military? No. It comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you and others have done, so now the power is shifting from the world leaders, to the people. Will they wage war on each other to prove their power? Power games are oppressive to the people, and the power any government has is derived from the people. 

The plan for the international government will come slowly and in perfect order. Step by step and stage by stage around the planning circle. Everyone is welcome, and no one will ever be left out, except by their own choices.