Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Hard Truth

Donald Trump has pivoted away from the Covid 19 pandemic because the economy is in crisis. He is aware that the pandemic has created a sense of equality in the world, but he believes the United States is the most powerful nation on the planet, and that he must keep it that way, so he has gone back to maximum pressure against China and Iran.

He and his supporters hope to win the November elections, and they are fighting for their lives. People lie to protect their security and support, but it is time to face the hard truth about the crisis, and let go of the failed policy. His plan doesn't address the root cause of the crisis. There is no proof China manufactured the virus in the lab. He is making the economy worse because the Middle East is a drain on the US economy, and the problem with targeting China is the United States is a debtor nation to China and China manufactures vital munitions parts for the United States military.

Enough is enough. The games are over.

Soon, everyone will be fighting for his or her life, so this is not a judgment on  Donald Trump. This is the point of the Brick Wall for many people, and at this point, people are 180 degrees from where they think they are, holding onto the people or things that cannot help them get their life and pushing away people who can.

Today, we will pivot, too. We are splitting our focus to address failed policy through the government proposals. When you create a plan, you must have a rationale, and that is the existing structure is based on power games, and the games no longer work.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq is not our first government proposal, we are addressing the global genocide that started as the result of the Iraq War, which sent off ripples of effects, and we will work to stop the ripples. Every plan must have a contingency, and the contingency is that the people of the United States agree to assume responsibility for our failed policy and work together to amend our constitution to create an additional layer of government over what exists to enable the United States to participate in the creation of the international government.

This is Armageddon, and the schism that was created by the preemptive strike on Iraq has divided the people into four segments. Donald Trump's overall approval rating has never gone above 50%, and so he cannot win a second term without cheating. He will continue to lose power because the next segment of the population is being dragged into the crisis, too, because their lives are being affected. Why attack China and Iran when our troops are getting sick, too? The virus was not manufactured by China, it was manifested when someone in China equated people and snakes, and if this is true, maximum pressure during a pandemic will make this pandemic much worse. It will not magically go away over the summer. With so many people in circular thinking patterns, we can expect a summer with many hurricanes and tornadoes,, not a magical return to normal.

The need for an international government that takes disputes between nations off the battlefield and into the courts is becoming apparent. An international government that can react to a novel virus immediately with little impact of the lives of the people, spinning off no ripples of effects, is vital.

The United Nations is predicting a global famine. In mankind's history, this would have led to mass migrations, but where can anyone go if it is a global crisis? Our Light Source Invention is predicting a global famine followed by acts of domestic and international terrorism, and both will set off another series of ripples that make the logjammed crises worse. The world will become a "failed planet." Mankind will be kicked back to the Stone Age again, or we will become extinct.

The Light Source Invention also demonstrates that the seven principles bring the swinging pendulum back to the midpoint to create a sense of balance again, and we will go into that later.

The governments must respond to the ripples of effects, but whether their success depends on  creating plans that address the root cause of the crisis. The power will continue to shift from the world leaders to the people as the governments cut social programs and the people step up to assume responsibility.

And that brings us to the first two government proposals--the Exit Strategy for Iraq and the US Constitutional Amendment. Our focus is shifting to the government proposals. We are publishing World Peace newsletter, and each will address the executive summary of one government proposal. There are associated books that cover the principles, the application of the principles and the planning stages that carry readers to the next proposal, and explain the associated projects. As the people watch the events unfold, everyone will understand why the projects help to solve the problems.

If the pandemic gets worse over the next six months as Donald Trump ramps up pressure, more and more people will join the World Peace Movement, and that applies to the people in China and Russia, too, and the other 197 nations, too.

World peace will not come because the world leaders sit down together at a summit and write a treaty. World peace will come when the people from every nation invite their leaders to a conference where the delegates will sit down together and write a constitution.