Friday, May 15, 2020

Covid 19 and Children's Inflammatory Response

At first, children seemed to be immune from the Covid 19 virus, but then cases of Kawasaki-type symptoms started to appear. The virus is following a logical progression. Children are generally not caught up in the cares of the adult world of politics and economics. They are getting dragged into the dramas the adults around them are facing, and they have no way to defend themselves, not from the virus but from their parent's reactions.

The virus was first manifested when a human equated people with snakes then progressed to the next stage when it started new strains in different locations depending on each location's definition of snake. It then transitioned into how people responded to the snakes, and was found in different animals, like bats, which hang high out of the reach unless the snakes can climb trees, pangolins, which carry their own armor, and a tiger, with its teeth and claws. Then the virus started to appear in children in the form of an inflammatory disease, mostly on the legs.

The legs represent the person's progress, going from spiritual steps and then the application of that on the physical. Inflamamation is an attack on the body that triggers the body's defenses.

When there is no security, that is the point where the person reaches the end of life crisis.

In "A Little Angel Told Me....", which is one of the Crisis Series booklets, for people who are facing their end of life crisis, Archangel Michael says the end of life crisis is like playing poker with the devil. You believe you have only a pair of sevens, but the devil doesn't even have that. That is a description of the Covid 19, and why the pandemic is so deadly. The good news is that there is a solution to the crisis because God, the Creator of us all, never said we have to die of this virus.

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