Sunday, May 10, 2020

Updated: Building Immunity to the Covid 19 Virus Will Probably Take Twenty Years

At our prayer circle, we were taught all healing is instantaneous but sometimes it takes 20 years for it to come. What does it take to be healed of the Covid 19 virus, and to build immunity to the point of a complete cure?

The root cause of the pandemic is the schism that is tearing apart the planet, and it started when someone equated people with snakes. The existing structure doesn't know how to solve the problem, and so their plans don't address the root cause, so they are making it worse. We are in a dilemma because there are many people who have gone down into the power games and are at the point where they are fighting for their lives. The sociological circumstances play a major role in the disease. One person won't be completely cured until the sociological circumstances are resolved unless that person puts it in his or her heart that people are not snakes, but the problem with that is there is such  overwhelming evidence in the world to prevent that from happening. 

People must evolve out of the crisis. If you are an alcoholic, and go through a treatment program, you know you are cured if you can look around and see that you have evolved out of the circumstances completely, so none of the people around you are alcoholics. You must resolve the misunderstandings that kicked you off course to the point where you are 180 degrees from where you think you are, and then you can find you are back on course to getting your life again. The problem is, no one can convince you that what you are doing won't work. It must be done through demonstration, mentored by someone who has already resolved the crisis, but who can do that when it is a novel virus? 

The crises we are facing as a planet have sent out ripples of effects that are logjamming, including, according to the United Nations, a global famine next year. In "A Manual for Peace," Seth tells us we will know world peace is here when the biggest news story of the day is the sale on peaches down at the store. We may take sales on peaches for granted now, but what will it take, as the global economy collapses, for everything to return to that normal? 

By turning the crisis around, that the schism is actually the start of the World Peace Movement, we can know the prophesied Thousand Years of Peace has started. We are just letting go now of what we no longer wish to experience, and holding onto what we wish to take forward with us into the future.
We know we don't want to experience pandemics in the future, so we can now come up with a plan that addresses that issue. If we know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process we can find the solution.

To know the root cause of the crisis, we must work with the spiritual hierarchy. They are willing to make this win-win agreement with us because it benefits them to do so. 

Update: 12 May 2020

Yesterday, Senator Mitch McConnell criticized Barack Obama for his comments that are critical of Donald Trump's policy on the pandemic. McConnell believes former presidents should not comment about the policies of the present president. Most people would agree with McConnell, but in this case, Obama is right to criticize because neither Trump nor McConnell nor the Democrats has a plan that addresses the root cause of the crisis and so their plans are making the crisis worse. Of all the existing and former world leaders, the only person who has the right to criticize is the person who has a plan that addresses the root cause of the crisis.